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Shop offline
Shop offline posté le [12/10/2020] à 09:20

Hi all!

The shop seems to be down for a few days already. Does anyone at DPG or close by (Nostra or Bart?) know what's happening?

I want some new bits 😈 😉

Shop offline posté le [12/10/2020] à 10:30

There's an inventory check going on at the moment… the shop should be back within ten days, Yann told me.

Yann's also looking for a new shipping partner with changes to the shipping fees. Let's hope for cheaper. 😎

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Shop offline posté le [12/10/2020] à 10:33

Oh awesome!! Let's hope the things I was hoping to order will be in stock.

And good news about the partner! Although there was also some discounts so I don't think I'll wait for the new shipping partner gehehe

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