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Uncomplete delivery
Uncomplete delivery posté le [08/07/2020] à 18:46

Dear Devil Pig Games,

Please note that my last order was not complete. The item HON TCG – Pledge Overlord has not been included in the package. I was sending a message from My Orders page on 18th June asking if that will be delivered separately or the cash will be refounded, but I did not receive any answer so far.

Can you please advise if the missing item will be delivered or, in case it is not possible, when the cash will be refounded?

I'd appreciate any information from you. Many thanks!




Uncomplete delivery posté le [08/07/2020] à 19:18

I don't think that DPG receives warning if someone adds something to his order page, so they probably haven't seen it (I know from experience)

And I don't think anyone from DPG reads the EN forum (they are french) or at least not very frequent

Best use the contact button on the left side of the screen and be patient (very patient). That way you can add more info, like the order number and such, to your message.

Uncomplete delivery posté le [13/10/2020] à 21:33


@Eclo – many thanks for your advice! I've followed them and got a message from Yann on 9 July that a missing part is warehouse error and I will get my order soon.

Unfortunately it was not resolved until now, so waiting for my missing part of an order already for 3 months. Anyone can help with solution here?




Uncomplete delivery posté le [14/10/2020] à 08:46

Try to get back to Yann about this, he’s the one that can help you out.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Uncomplete delivery posté le [04/11/2020] à 22:00

Well, what about the Canadian orders of Heroes of Stalingrad. I ordered a kickstarter version in august of 2018 and these guys have not delivered my copy. The only reply in all my emails is that there is a separate distributor in Canada and its too bad for me. They will not tell me the name of the distributor, so they basically took my money , then took my game and now they say there is nothing they can do about it.


All i want is my game.

Steve Kadolph

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