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Drop Pod expansion
Drop Pod expansion posté le [15/09/2020] à 15:53

Quote from ViolatorJK on [15/09/2020] à 01:50

I think in any culture after you take someone's money for a product and then after a year have a Kickstarter and take their money a second time you should give an official update. I also think in any culture if I was running a worldwide company as one person and I wanted to be successful there is no summer vacation.

It is more than concerning that I return to this forum after many weeks and still nothing official to be seen except for another new product on the way. I am assuming it will require another kick starter and more of our money to be sent out in advance.

Followed by lengthy periods of no explanations.

Any updates on the HoBr P500? posté le [15/09/2020] à 17:10

hi Devil Pigs,

Any updates on the P500 that was supposed to be progressing after your recent kickstarter? There seem to be a lot of other announcements but we have been waiting a very long time and no news at all. Thanks



Drop Pod expansion posté le [22/09/2020] à 17:36

Maybe instead of trying to undermine my totally accurate post you should be getting the company to post an update on the production status and expected delivery times of all the Kickstarter products.


I'm also sick and tired of all the excuses on this never ending subject or reading about new projects when the old ones aren't even finished. I couldn't care less if this is a one man firm or not. If the firm wants to supply worldwide they should have the sense and decency to at least post an English update every now and then, especially when people have been waiting over year for their items, regardless of when the French take their hols. Unbelievable…. 🙄 This is NOT the way to treat your customers..

Drop Pod expansion posté le [22/09/2020] à 17:41

Looks like its been pushed back to 2021 due to covid19.


Drop Pod expansion posté le [22/09/2020] à 17:42

I’m not here to defend DPG and agree the delays are serious, but do you really except companies to only start developing new ideas and products when the previous ones are completely done and delivered? I can guarantee you that such a business plan would be a sure disaster as well.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Drop Pod expansion posté le [22/09/2020] à 17:49

Oh, come off it, bartdevuyst. Every time the same lame excuses. All people are expecting at the very least are some simple updates in English from the firm. SURELY nothing impossible to ask when one gets news about NEW products?! THIS is not the first time THIS has been criticized, as you well know.

Drop Pod expansion posté le [22/09/2020] à 17:59

I asked DPG to write a separate update about the preorder campaigns as the news about the delay about those is buried in a Kickstarter update from the A Pig Back From Hell campaign.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

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