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[Carentan] Scenario 6 - When can Americans deploy in zone A?
[Carentan] Scenario 6 - When can Americans deploy in zone A? posté le [25/11/2019] à 01:24

In Carentan Scenario 6 – "Final Assault, June 12", what conditions allow the American player to deploy into Zone A?

The rules on page 15 sound like the American player can deploy in Zone A if they were victorious in Scenario 4.

I'm skeptical because the rules on page 11 (Scenario 4) say "American victory: In Scenario 6, the American player can use deployment zone B and places Bonus tactic B". There is no mention of deployment zone A. It also doesn't make sense to me that American victory in Scenario 4 leads to placing Bonus Tactic B, yet American victory in Scenario 5 leads to deploying in zone B. It seems like the Bonus Tactic & Deployment Zone should go together with victory in the same scenario.

P.S. I searched the forums, but couldn't find any questions/answers around scenario 6.

[Carentan] Scenario 6 - When can Americans deploy in zone A? posté le [25/11/2019] à 01:32

After re-reading it for the 10th time, I think the Americans can always deploy in zone A, regardless of the result of any prior scenario.

Zones B and C are a bonus if the Americans can win Scenario 4 and/or 5 (respectively).

This makes even more sense when you look at the battle map on the last page (page 16). The Americans launch their Final Assault from 3 fronts. Two of the fronts could only exist if the Americans won the corresponding battles (scenario 4 and scenario 5). Whereas the third front could exist even if the Americans lost both of the prior battles, as there is no engagement that would block their advancing forces.

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