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REFUND REQUESTED posté le [19/09/2019] à 19:09

I have never received my game. Is there anyone at DPG that responds to their clients after they take their money?

I have no game. You have my money.


Jim Crimmins

REFUND REQUESTED posté le [19/09/2019] à 20:32

I have sent a note to DPG about this.

Can you tell me if your address in the Pledge Manager here is correct? You can check the address from your account settings?

Did you fill out the PM when requested by DPG?

I am trying to see if we can figure out what happened.

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REFUND REQUESTED posté le [19/09/2019] à 21:11

My address didn't change. The PM was completed. I even had contact with DPG several times back in Oct 18 and they acknowledged a refund at that time… asked for my paypal, which I promptly gave… and then they dissappeared. No game, no response to any message since.

Unfortunately I am not alone, there are others on the KS message board for this project with the same situation… no game, no response. At the moment, I feel like I've been robbed. They don't respond, and they took my money years ago.

REFUND REQUESTED posté le [22/09/2019] à 00:45

Has Stalingrad already been sent? Here it appears as not yet shipped.

I thought it would only arrive at the end of the year.

What game did you buy that hasn't arrived yet?

Note: It must have been about 4 months that I sent an email to Devil Pig and to this day nothing. I understand the difficulties they face, but communication with customers needs to improve.


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