A word about the Pulp Story #1


We are sorry to announce that the PULP STORY #1 SPECIAL HALLOWEEN which was originally scheduled to be delivered at the end of November 2021 and then postponed to mid-February 2022 will not be delivered. At least not delivered as is.

We are currently unable to send you this product due to several factors, which believe us, we are very sad and sorry about. And for this we apologize. Indeed the production of this product has been more than chaotic. We wanted in a responsible and sensible approach to work with a French printer who allowed us to be delivered more quickly, but also to participate to the National economy. And this at the expense of the cost price of each product compared to a production in China for example.

Everything was supposed to go well, except that after receiving a first print run at the beginning of December (already late because of a shortage of cardboard at the printer’s supplier) the quality of the final product did not correspond at all to our quality charter nor to our requirements (some perfectionists within the 2/3 team). Wet cardboard, inverted cutting tool (straight edge on the front and chamfer on the back), plus exaggerated offset of the cutting tool. In short, not much went right to be honest except for the stickers and the rules & scenario sheets.

Of course, we pointed out all the points that did not correspond to our quality charter to the printer. Assuming that when it is the first time we work with a company, it is relatively acceptable that the first try is not conclusive. So here we go again for a second round. Christmas period happens, vacations, etc… we receive the second print at the beginning of February, and we notice very quickly that despite the fact that the cutting tool is, this time, used as planned (chamfer of pawn on the front and straight edge on the back) the problems previously mentioned are still persistent.

Below you can find some pictures showing the poor quality of the last print. The icing on the cake is that we had obviously asked for a pre-production copy for the first and second print runs in order to check and validate the conformity of the product, but the printer decided to produce all the copies for the two print runs before we validated them. We let you imagine the waste of time and energy (figuratively and literally). Of course we cannot deliver the products in this state, nor can we continue to work with the French printer we have worked with.

All pending orders containing several products including the Pulp Story will be sent to you this week, without the Pulp Story of course. We have mandated our printer in China to print a version that meets our quality standards. As soon as the Pulp Stories will be ready, you will receive two products: 1 product with a punchboard printed in France that is not compliant, with all the compliant content (rules & scenario sheet, stickers for storage) in order to avoid throwing away a part of the production in the trash. Then a 2nd product containing the punchboard printed in China and conform to our expectations. We insist on the fact that throwing away new products does not fit with us at all, that’s why we recycle the French production as much as possible.

To conclude, the outcome of this adventure will have displeased everyone, including us at DPG. However, we do not close the door to a made in France production and are still looking for this particular partner. The DPG team would have liked to be able to print some of these products in France (for the reasons stated above) unfortunately the experience was not conclusive, we will concentrate for the moment on the partnership we have with our printer in China. The latter corresponding to our quality charter and the commitment we have towards you, our community, a quality product made with care and passion.

The Pigs from Devil Pig Games

posted by Ravenmask the [09/02/2022]

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21 Comments on “A word about the Pulp Story #1”

  1. avatar 21. Kena said :

    Bien reçu !
    Cependant à mon ancienne adresse 😅
    Heureusement que je n’habite pas trop trop loin 😬

  2. avatar 20. Basile said :

    Les produits seront bet et bien livrés oui. Ils vont être produits en même temps que les produits du kickstarter de Caen par notre imprimeur habituel afin d’éviter tout soucis de production.

  3. avatar 19. Kenairod said :

    Pensez-vous être en mesure de livrer ces produits un jour ?
    Merci et bon courage ! 🙂

  4. avatar 18. Samaelsquirrel said :

    Et je plussoie… un nouvel imprimeur ? ou l’ancien s’est décidé à se montrer professionnel ?

  5. avatar 17. cptkirk said :

    On en est où sur la production?

  6. avatar 16. Chris said :


    Is there a chance to still buy or preorder this product?

  7. avatar 15. proudgeek159 said :

    As a member of a QA team, I totally understand the process and your frustration. Thank you for taking the time to get things right.

  8. avatar 14. papoux said :

    Il existe des solutions en France

    Apparemment il vient de faire tout les tokens des boites anglaises pour Monolith

  9. avatar 13. WayneCW said :

    Ok,I thought when I first read this that we were only getting the extra items in the order, but I see now the pulp stories are just delayed again, but they are shipping the extra items now. So, when Scratch said they aren’t charging extra that was referring to the initial shipping of the extra items. Sorry, i was confused on thus whole thing.

  10. avatar 12. WayneCW said :

    I did that yesterday. Thanks. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon as it is showing shipping.

  11. avatar 11. Nostradunwhich said :

    WayneCW, the best way to get an answer to all your questions is to open a ticket with Customer Service regarding your order. This is especially important since DPG has no other way to know that the other thing you ordered was only because you were buying the Pulp Story. You need to explain your concerns so they can do something about it.

  12. avatar 10. WayneCW said :

    What do you mean by charge extra? Are they refunding everything? just the Pulp stories? What about shipping? I paid 38 Euros for shipping. I’m saying the shipping to US is insane. So, I’m going to be paying a ridiculous amount in shipping for the one item they are going to ship. An item I only added because I was already paying shipping for the Pulp stories. Not happy. I’ll try to get my money back through PayPal if they can’t cancel.

  13. avatar 9. Scratch said :

    WayneCW they won’t charge extra what I’m understanding.

  14. avatar 8. WayneCW said :

    Can I cancel my order? I only added on another item because I already getting the pulp story. The shipping is outrageous and I’m not going to be happy if you send the one item and charge me for shipping.

  15. avatar 7. buqbuq said :

    In Japanese, there is a saying that goes “Don’t play with your food”.
    It might be a punishment of pumpkin.

  16. avatar 6. Basile said :

    Oui, nous avons prévu de quoi faire un petit stock en plus des commandes déjà passées. Lorsqu’on les recevra nous les mettrons directement en vente

  17. avatar 5. Khador62 said :

    De mon côté, je n’avais pas encore fait la commande du produit (car il ne me manque que ça pour le moment, donc j’attendais de grouper avec autre chose…). Va-t-il être à nouveau dispo une fois la production idoine réceptionnée ?

  18. avatar 4. Axe said :

    Moi j’ai envie de dire bravo. Bravo pour l’initiative louable dont j’apprécie grandement les motivations. Bravo pour le Respect que vous avez sur la qualité de votre travail que vous voulez fournir a votre communauté. C’est vraiment dommage que vous ne soyez pas récompensés de vos efforts.

  19. avatar 3. cdmdu said :

    Ah, là, c’est moche !
    Il y a clairement un souci de découpe, comme si les couteaux n’étaient pas assez aiguisés, mais il y a surtout un décalage dans l’impression recto/verso et un GROS problème sur le vernis (ou je ne sais quel revêtement) des pions : s’ils étaient bien vernis/laqués ou quoique ce soit avant découpe, il n’y aurait pas de marques blanches autour des découpes !

    Bon courage ! car les dessins, eux, sont splendides !

  20. avatar 2. beleg01 said :

    Quel massacre ! Et je ne dirai pas le reste.
    Plutôt que de prendre le chemin des poubellesites… Serait-il possible de récupérer les Pions Allemands.
    Je serai fortement intéressé moyennant une participation.

  21. avatar 1. Scratch said :

    Thanx for the update info. And good to hear the misprints will go to good use! ✌️