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Do you hear something approaching? No, of course, you are already ambushed…

140 K. Awesome!

You will be armed for winning!

You pledged 50€/47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of 145€ (+95€)/142€ (+95€)/128€ (92€).

+ 4 Compendium upgrades


Lord Lovat’s commando

Here is the last add-ons (some may catch their breath).

1 year without Lord Lovat’s commando available, many of you search desperately this punchboard but.. Wait! It’s not the same!

Yes, it’s a new,no, 2 new punchboards! Totally compatible with the first Lord Lovat’s commando.

Special Action cards for commando appears too!

The only rule is you cannot play the 2 Lord Lovat in the same game.


2nd french Armored Division

We won’t add it to this Kickstarter campaign, BUT WE WILL MAKE IT FOR SURE 😉

We prefer to work more on in order to make it like an entire army, with Action cards, tokens and dice. The same content as a Commonwealth Army Box (5 punchboards).

We are french, we are proud to make the Free French Forces, we cannot make less for our army than for the others armies!



Many informations:

– Shipping in 1 Wave: 1 price for all pledge levels:

  • Europe: between 16-26€
  • USA
  • World: 55€

– Shipping in 2 Waves: 1 price for all pledge levels:

  •  Europe: between 27-37€
  • USA
  • World: 110€

– New place where you can be delivered for free: L’Antre Jeux (Brussels, Belgium). During the pledge manager, you will be able to choose this place in order to free shipping.

– Essen pick-up: we will do it, shipping will be free. You will be able to choose this option during the pledge manager. If you choose this option, you will be delivered in 1 wave (nothing shipped in May)

Don’t forget: Additional purchases will have an impact on the shipping fees, charged after the KS campaign.


Fan-made: How to calculate the amount to pledge

New version from Grégoire S.!

Announce: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1538673930/heroes-of-normandie-strategic-resupply/posts/1440222

File (last version): http://www.devil-pig-games.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/KS-HoN-Strategic-Resupply-Pledge-calculator1.xlsx

posted by Axel the [16/12/2015]

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5 Comments on “Do you hear something approaching? No, of course, you are already ambushed…”

  1. avatar 5. Axel said :

    En France, il n’y aura que nos bureaux, car nous avons eu beaucoup de retours négatifs venant des boutiques.

  2. avatar 4. paladin said :

    Ok. Faut s’organiser sur le forum pour ça donc.

  3. avatar 3. Axel said :

    La seule méthode pour éviter les problèmes de dispatch est que 1 personne reçoive l’argent des autres et pledge pour tout le monde.
    Il ne sera pas possible de faire autrement, sinon, nous gaspillerons du temps et de l’argent à bidouiller les bases de données avec de possibles erreurs qui causeront des envois supplémentaires, donc du délai pour recevoir tout votre matos.

  4. avatar 2. paladin said :

    Et d’une manière générale est ce qu’il est possible d’organiser des points de dépôts pour diminuer ces coups d’envoi ?
    Ou de faire des envois groupés ?

  5. avatar 1. papa schultz said :

    Est ce que dans la ville d’Avignon il y a un magasin où on pourrait récupérer le matos ?