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Hello everybody,

Actually, to communicate with you, we are using our website and Facebook.

In order to move forward in this way, we opened a Twitter account for giving you more informations in real time, especially during events, or to share with you some moment of life of our team.

Now, you can follow the hashtag #DevilPigGames

See you soon on Twitter !

[UPDATE : new hashtag]

posted by Axel the [14/01/2016]

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3 Comments on “Twitter”

  1. avatar 3. dafrca said :

    Thank you Axel.

  2. avatar 2. Axel said :

    We will use the different medias for different things:
    – website: for important informations
    – Facebook: for important and short message
    – Twitter: for instant informations and short life moment 😉

    So, if you are on our website, you will have the important informations 😉

  3. avatar 1. dafrca said :

    While I understand that Twitter and Facebook are slowly making website forums and website news feeds irrelevant, please do not ignore those who are fans but elect not to use Twitter/Facebook for various reasons. Thank You. 🙂