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A train of news!










1… 2… and soon 3 unlocked stretch-goal in 3 days! Do you feel the end of the campaign and its madness?


You pledged 50€/47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of 138€ (+88€)/135€ (+88€)/121€ (85€).


Roads, rails and train station, including a fat bastard!

A new and bigger terrain pack (+2 punchboards) appears in the HoN add-ons. You want to make city roads, add the train attacks to your scenarios, sabotages, etc.

We offer you with this terrain pack an exclusive punchboard with Goering and his armoured train.

Now, with the Level-up capacities, you can imagine Goering, the nazi Master of occultism (he has Magician and Life Point +1), traveling on his train, infested by zombies, in order to release them on Sainte-Mère-Eglise. But Clint, the Divine Mythos Hunter (he has Faith and Monster Hunter +2), helped by FFI, will try to stop the train… Can you imagine what follows?


Storage system HoN/SoN

I made the details of how we think the storage of an entire collection of HoN, in one hand, and of SoN, in another hand. Use the web address to download the PDF file.


We are minding about a storage system for Buildings or others terrain elements.

HoN storage system 1st page


(Very soon unlocked)

(Cool ^^)

And …. the beginning of Commonwealth units!

posted by Axel the [14/12/2015]

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One Comment on “A train of news!”

  1. avatar 1. faux-con said :

    Je commence à être un peu perdu :
    Je possède tout ce qui existe sur HoN et SoN ! Je souhaite donc “la Totale” sur ce KS3 mais à ce jour je n’ai pledgé que 47€ le pledge de base.
    Pourrais-je ajouter tout ce qui est proposé en plus après la campagne durant la période backer ?
    Dois-je pledger à nouveau sur tous les niveaux ?
    Merci !