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Sympathy for the Devil !


This Kickstarter campaign was the occasion for me to see one of my creations come to life: the FFI deck with eight separate cards to transform it into an Investigators deck for Shadows over Normandie.

Moreover, the Heroes of Normandie 2.0 decks are more than ever compatible with Shadows over Normandie since they have the same format (50 cards with an alternative bonus on the side of the cards). It will now also be possible to create battles between regular army units, unaware of the existence of the Mythos and the Secret War, against factions of Shadows over Normandie. The history of Achtung! Cthulhu offers stories of combat between “normal” soldiers who suddenly find themselves confronted with the Mythos without being psychologically prepared for it and with no esoteric knowledge or equipment to fight the supernatural forces unleashed against them. Participation in this Kickstarter campaign is the perfect opportunity for Shadows over Normandie fans to explore other facets of the Achtung! Cthulhu universe and I’m hopeful that I can come up with some story ideas if the community supports the concept.

Having found the idea of converting Heroes of Normandie decks into Shadows over Normandie decks not so bad, Yann proposed me to create the same thing for all the historical decks, those of Heroes of Normandie but also those of Heroes of Stalingrad. I obviously jumped at the opportunity to bring even more variety to our favorite game. So I’ve created six cards per deck for a total of 30 cards, representing six new factions (the German cards for the decks of Heroes of Normandie and Heroes of Stalingrad will be the same, with the backsides corresponding to the game for which they are intended). A few completely new cards have slipped into this deck as well, but most of them are already existing cards but in new combinations giving each deck unique gameplay.

In Achtung! Cthulhu, the alignment of the different factions is not necessarily mirrored by what we typically expect of a WW2-era nation. The most famous factions (Majestic, Section M, Black Sun) tend to position their allies as opponents of the Mythos and the Black Sun as users of esoteric forces. However, the Achtung! Cthulhu universe lacks generalizations and also offers Investigators from the German army or American or British units drowned by Cults of the Dark Gods.

It’s this aspect of the universe that I wanted to offer you in this Kickstarter campaign. This is what we have in mind: German Investigators, American King in Yellow worshipers, British sorcerers or a cult of bloodthirsty Russian madmen. You dreamed of having Americans against British or Germans against Germans? This conversion set of 30 cards for Heroes of Normandie and Heroes of Stalingrad decks should fulfill all your hopes.

In summary, by participating in this campaign you will have the choice between:

  • 6 historical military factions that don’t know the Mythos,
  • 6 pure Shadows over Normandie factions,
  • 4 intermediate factions.

We intend to offer you this card pack as an Add-On.

But we will only do so if you are interested because we cannot afford to make bad choices that would negatively impact our cash flow.

The price of this extension could be 10 euros.

So I’ll leave it up to you to tell us what you think and if you are interested. Depending on your answers, we will open this KS option or not. The ball is in your court!!!

Feel free to participate in the survey below in addition to your opinions

Are you interested in cards to convert HoN v2 and HoSTA decks into SoN decks?

Nombre de Votants : 56

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posted by gduprez the [03/05/2020]

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58 Comments on “Sympathy for the Devil !”

  1. avatar 58. bren said :

    Pour , si ça peut permettre de flinguer des K

  2. avatar 57. Mrzarbiwayne said :

    Et si tu nous présentais les 8 cartes spéciale investigateurs et les spécialsnffi?

  3. avatar 56. tdjohn said :

    Yes, I would be very interested.

  4. avatar 55. MICHAIL PAPAZOGLOU said :

    I had buy SoN. I would like to see this add-on

  5. avatar 54. Christophe Mandin said :

    Salut, pareil je prends tout 🙂

  6. avatar 53. Jessica said :

    Yes, I would definitely be interested.

  7. avatar 52. Edward Covarrubias said :

    I would be interested. I think that would make the game even more fun.

  8. avatar 51. Petz said :

    Bonjour, excellent idée! Je viens de backer le KS en « full support » et prendrai également ce deck en add-on si vous le proposez. Prenez bien soin de vous!

  9. avatar 50. Laira said :

    No. I would like the scheduled HoBR to go first, please.
    Please focus your attention on delivering the promised HoBR expansions and developing the promised HoBR new base game.
    Do what you said you would, instead of delaying further by distracting with new projects. Instead you hold the payed HoBR hostage.

  10. avatar 49. Jerry said :

    Yes but still annoyed you never finished the solo system you promised for HoN

  11. avatar 48. Dawigrund said :

    Yes, please offer it.

  12. avatar 47. Doj said :

    Je prends

  13. avatar 46. Liégeois Alain said :

    Je suis intéressé

  14. avatar 45. Michael Hobbs said :

    yep it’s a great idea

  15. avatar 44. Sev said :

    Je veux 😋

  16. avatar 43. Erwin Sablon said :

    Yes, definitely interested!

  17. avatar 42. Guy Hauldren said :

    Yup – I’m up for it!

  18. avatar 41. patrick said :

    Yes please do. What I would consider for all of you in cost savings is giving people the option of opting out of the pin ups and collector cards and war bond etc. That stuff can’t be cheap and not everyone is interested. I back a lot of campaigns where I bin that stuff because it doesn’t impact game play and it’s just more stuff that doesn’t need to be around. By optionally not including you may save a ton on printing costs.

  19. avatar 40. Friedrich Roehrer-Ertl said :

    Sure, I would love that option – go for it, you Pigs!

  20. avatar 39. Andrew said :

    Yes, I’m in!

  21. avatar 38. lordunborn said :

    SON needs more content!

  22. avatar 37. Helmut said :

    Très intéressé / Count me in

  23. avatar 36. wrb1985 said :

    Please make this, more SoN is always welcome!

  24. avatar 35. Timerron said :

    Oh yeah, I want this. I’d even get multiple copies so I don’t have to break them down or even go one force vs the other.

  25. avatar 34. HAL9000nd said :


  26. avatar 33. tchuck said :

    You need to login in order to vote!

  27. avatar 32. Tim said :

    I will buy this in an instant. As much as I love Heroes, it was Shadows that got me into the game and in turn got me to buy just about everything else(!)

  28. avatar 31. donald said :

    Please add this option. Everyone, please vote in addition to leaving a comment.

  29. avatar 30. Paul Holden said :

    I’ll take two if it means it gets made!

  30. avatar 29. Mark Lesny said :

    Please create this deck. I will be glad to purchase it as an add on. Thank you.

  31. avatar 28. Ben Turner said :

    Yep, keen

  32. avatar 27. gduprez said :

    The price of this extension could be 10 euros.
    Le prix de cette extension pourrait être de 10 euros.

  33. avatar 26. Desparite said :

    Un grand OUI, bien sûr !

  34. avatar 25. chtulu said :

    Ok pour moi

  35. avatar 24. beejer2000 said :

    Yes please

  36. avatar 23. Philippe DELERCE said :

    Oui. Partant !

  37. avatar 22. weyly said :

    You must log in to vote, miss it first, too

  38. avatar 21. WayneCW said :

    There is a vote at the end of this news article in green. It’s easy to miss.

  39. avatar 20. Donnie said :

    Where is the survey? Just these comments? I’m interested.

  40. avatar 19. Iris said :

    Totalement intéressé !

  41. avatar 18. Mesophylle said :

    Intéressé ! Hyper intéressé même !!

  42. avatar 17. Bascu said :

    Yes, please! sounds really funny

  43. avatar 16. Michael said :

    Un grand OUI !!!!

  44. avatar 15. Weyly said :

    Yes i m interest, depending the price

  45. avatar 14. squaledh said :

    Bonjour. Je suis aussi preneur pour cet add on. + 1 donc

  46. avatar 13. KhanShadow said :

    Bien sûr intéressé !! +1

  47. avatar 12. Daydream said :

    Yes please!

  48. avatar 11. Thomas said :

    Yes please! I would buy that add on!

  49. avatar 10. gduprez said :

    “F’thagn” je le compte dans les oui ou les non?
    Mon Profond n’est plus à jour.
    😀 😀 😀

  50. avatar 9. gduprez said :

    This News should be published tonight or tomorrow on the current Kickstarter and on the Kickstarter Shadows over Normandie.


    Cette News devrait être publié ce soir ou demain sur le Kickstarter en cours et sur le Kickstarter Shadows over Normandie.

  51. avatar 8. Gabranth said :

    Yep +1

  52. avatar 7. WayneCW said :

    Is this linked in the KS comments? Might help gauge the interest in those who are already pledging.

  53. avatar 6. Amalrian said :

    Je suis pleinement intéressé aussi et je vais prêché pour le grand 🐙

  54. avatar 5. Dweller on the Threshold said :

    Je ne dirais qu’une chose: F’thagn !

  55. avatar 4. gduprez said :

    Moi aussi 😂😂😂

  56. avatar 3. Silverpaint68 said :

    Fantastique idée. J’espère qu’il y aura assez de votants.

  57. avatar 2. WayneCW said :

    Please do this.

  58. avatar 1. Jerome Lagatie said :

    Intéressé par cat addon