Summer Body Restock

Hello war pigs! 🐽

You’ve dropped the idea of sporting that Summer Body? So did we. We’ve just prepared you something nice and juicy! 🥓

Here is what’s back in stock: Battlegrounds, some Shadow of Normandie, Black Reach, cards for HoN and some beautiful deck boxes and sleeves to protect your cards from your greasy hanbs!

Be careful though! All this is in limited quantity, so get ready and jump on ’em! That’s it, at ease soldiers.🪖

Small list of additionnal Restock as well:
– Miller’s Rangers
– Devil Pig News N°1 et N°3
– Steiner Kampfgruppe
– Kelly’s Heroes
– Devil Boy
– FFI Colonel Bastien
– Storage for the base box of HoN
– HoBR Game Elements storage boxes
– HoS Russian and German Storage Army Box

posted by Ravenmask the [08/07/2021]

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One Comment on “Summer Body Restock”

  1. avatar 1. Dolph said :

    Are the FFI, Steiner, and Miller’s Rangers all gone?