Solo Mode Unlocked!

Attentiioooon, at ease Soldiers!

It’s good news coming straight from HQ! Good news indeed! 

Solo moooooddeeeee is here!!! Congratulations everyone, this is an add-on that will truly help us all in those trying times because sometimes, getting people around the table can be tough. And it’s not everything, the German Planes also fill the sky of their ominous presence, ready to punch holes in infantry and vehicles alike.

#New Add-ons

This is something we are very excited about. You asked for them, you wanted them and we heard ya boys. The storages are now available since yesterday!! Feast your eyes on those beautiful options to finally store everything you shall need in those perfectly designed boxes.

Here is the list of all the add-ons available on the campaign so far:

#V1 vs V2

And finally, something that a lot of you asked for and that we wanted to address:the main differences between the V1 and the V2. Let me remind everyone that Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition is a Core Box and not an Expansion box as well as the foundation for the new V2 system that will be used in all future content and the reedition of an out of production product.

The first difference resides in a massive graphical work to bring Heroes of Normandie to the standard set by Heroes of Stalingrad.
The second is about rules. Those from V2 are an updated and streamlined version, made with the help of community feedback, years of experience and experimentation as well the work done on the Compendium.
The third is the unit choice. For this new edition we wanted to change Division, americans or germans, to allow for new sights for our veteran players as well as to honor the Big Red One for its feat of arms.

In detail what does it mean?

>  The 8th Infantry Regiment from the 4th Infantry Division becomes the 16th Infantry   Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division.
> Le 22nd Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division becomes the 18th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division
> The 1st Bataillon of Regiment 901 of the Panzer Lehr becomes the 1st Bataillon of Regiment 304 of the 2nd Panzer Division
> The 1st Bataillon of Regiment 902 of the Panzer Lehr becomes the 2nd Bataillon of Regiment 304 of the 2nd Panzer Division
Options for the recruitment tiles remain the same.

Commanding and common options remain the same with some added ones.
For the German Army, a new Flak 38.
For the American Army, a 57mm AT Gun, 60mm Mortar and 81mm Mortar (Commanding Option)

– Heroes remain the same but now have a recruiting or additional equipement option emplacement.
Otto and Oddball can now be on foot with a token with a special “Crew” capacity.

– Field Commands are different.

American Major John Marvin becomes Colonel Geroge A. Taylor.
German Major Hans Gruber becomes Major Karl Brassert.

– New personnalisation options are in to customise your heroes: a flamer, bazooka, MP40, Thompson, a knife, Panzerfaust or abilities like Opportunistic Fire.
The card deck from each armies follow the same principles as Heroes of Stalingrad, coming down from a 70 cards deck to 50 with alternative bonuses on the cards which prevents the dead card in hand situation in some scenarios. No more need to sort your deck out.
The game boards are identical as well as the terrain elements that you can place on them.

– 8 new scenarios are included in the scenario book plus a tutorial one.
What about Omaha ? Is it like D’Day ?

Nope, those two are very different.
Every units from Omaha are new and can complete the ones from D’Day.
The terrain tiles representing the beach and fortifications are also different but can be added to the ones of D’Day to create a massive ocean assault.
The Omaha dyke, that the Combat Engineers will have to blow up, enlarge the beach front as well as offering new gameplay for the Omaha scenarios.
A few defensive elements are printed on the map tiles.
Barges stay the same but have a new look.


Well, I think we went through all the new stuff, we hope you’re as excited as we are!

See you on the Battlefield Soldiers, we still have a war to win!

Devil Pig Team

posted by Twane33 the [25/03/2021]

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4 Comments on “Solo Mode Unlocked!”

  1. avatar 4. voldegal said :

    Bonjour, et quand pourrais-je espérer acheter l’extension solo sur votre site svp? trop hâte de l’avoir .

  2. avatar 3. Amalrian said :

    Question est ce pour une question d’équilibre que Otto sur ça nouvelle version n’a qu’un carré rouge 🟥 et odball 2 ?

  3. avatar 2. m3phistos said :

    Une petite remarque : Entre les 2 fields commandos US et GE : le US a un gros emplacement avec d’un coté les bandes état major et de l’autre les bandes génériques. Le même emplacement coté GE a 2 bandes génériques.
    Je ne sais pas si c’est un oubli, je préfère le signaler.

  4. avatar 1. Broun said :

    Génial, ce kickstarter est une belle réussite !