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Shadows over Normandie – What next?

The Shadow Hunters pre-order campaign is now finished.

We thank all participants who contributed to its success.

We decided to let the fans have a say in the future development of the Shadows over Normandie range and have given them the opportunity to choose one of these 3 themes as their favourite :

  • Nyarlathotep’s awakening
  • Children of Dagon
  • The Fallen of the Black Sun : die Gefallenen

We imagine you are impatient to find out which theme got most of the votes. Almost half of the participants were in favour of:

Nyarlathotep’s awakening

placing it well ahead of respectively The Fallen of the Black Sun : die Gefallenen and Children of Dagon.

You, players, will be given the chance to eagerly delve into what is known about Nyarlathotep’s awakening as the Shadows over Normandie saga continues. Alas, the abundance of ideas, the format and release date are all still enveloped in a shroud of mystery. Fear not! We shall keep you informed when the time is right!!!

posted by gduprez the [18/05/2017]

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4 Comments on “Shadows over Normandie – What next?”

  1. avatar 4. Weird WWII said :

    The Servitors of Nyarlathotep are just as hard as trying to say “Nyarlathotep”!

    Keep it WEIRD!!!
    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 3. Grelots Lagriffe said :

    Nyarly Rulez!

  3. avatar 2. Kartoffel said :

    Bonne nouvelle !

    Bon j’avoue j’ai voté pour le Soleil Noir….code couleur manquant oblige ^^
    Mais je sais que cela sera une extension qui fera envie, j’ai confiance.

  4. avatar 1. FxLotus said :

    Was hoping for The Children of Dagon vs The USMC, maybe next time The Devil Pigs will give us some Devil Dogs…