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Scenarios, fan-arts and website update


New translated scenarios are added to the data base! Thanks to Moomer!


We begin to fill the fan-art gallery! The last in date is a special Sgt Rock 😉

=> Download => Heroes of Normandie => Fan-art gallery

Website update

New functionalities were added:

  • New contact form to better help you
  • New “Tool” menu: link to the Branga’s Army Manager! You will be able to build your own army for Generated clashes, for tournament or to create scenarios. Branga is working on to add new functionalities, he is adding Shadows over Normandie armies. We will add more tools in the future.
  • Download => Scenarios: a new category appeared, the official scenarios. Now, at the first look, you will see the most recent official scenario, useful to find if Civilians under Fire is online (very soon, we are waiting for the first english translation, beta version)
  • Fan-art gallery: Download => Fan-art gallery
  • In your public profile (click on your avatar), you will find some scenarios you can play with your own collection. For that, go to My public profile => View my collection (see at the bottom of the page).
  • Some graphics upgrade (Download page), and bug fixes.

Sgt Rocki 2000

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