This survey was conducted during the month of November 2022, we have collected 1529 votes, it concerns our range Heroes of World War Two, as well as future ranges using historical contexts prior to the Second World War, the majority anyway. We let you discover the results and we thank all the people who participated, thank you again dear community!!! 🤘



posted by yann the [13/01/2023]

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4 Comments on “LATE 2022 SURVEY RESULTS”

  1. avatar 4. Danhood73 said :

    More SoN please!

  2. avatar 3. Guillermorx said :

    I REALLY would love an expansion to the Viking or the Early Middle Age, in fact, both themes could feedbacked one to another, I think in Charlemagne’s or Hastings Core boxes… Also the crusades could be a wonderful theatre to develop… I certanly would endorse that.

  3. avatar 2. dimitri said :

    j aimerais voir la game shadow over the Normandie, s étoffer un peu.

  4. avatar 1. Darh said :

    My favorite faction is Das Reich and Grossdeutschland! Please have these 2 factions in future game