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What’s up Ghoulie?


A couple of days ago, I showed you the punchboards for Cthulhu Mythos Call 4 which lets you add a ghoul clan to your collection.



Ghouls are iconic and common creatures in universes like Shadows over Normandie. I therefore tried to convert their cult image at best, hoping to match the community’s expectations.


The Burrower special ability guarantees new gameplay with an original twist.

Ghouls are, in the best case, unreliable allies. Such vile creatures take no orders. Gameplay wise I translated this by the the concept that orders generated by the Recruitment Tile can only be used by the Ghouls (Personal Order) themselves. Additionally, the clan leaders are always served first; you must always assign them an order. Thus, when the complete clan gives you four orders, you must manage these constraints to the bone, like we say with ghouls at the dinner table.


Ghouls are skilful hand-to-hand fighters, as their stats indicate. However, as Deep Ones players know, the +4 in Assault is not always sufficient to guarantee a certain victory against defending Rangers in a terrain element. Luckily, ghouls will rely on their pack hunting instinct to conquer their preys. The Pack Hunting option gives ghouls the Support Bonus in Assaults, just like in Heroes of Black Reach:

Allies of the attacking unit that are in the Zone of Control of the defending unit may provide a +1 support bonus to the attacker’s assault dice roll if:

  • They have the Assault special ability,
  • They have not yet activated this turn,
  • They have no Suppressed Markers.

Units that provided such a bonus receive an Activated Marker.



In case that’s not even enough, the Ghoul Priest uses magic to multiply the Ghouls’ primal rage. While launching the Primitive Rage spell, he assigns a Rage marker to one of the Ghoul Clan units. The effects of such a madness are resolved immediately, just like the corresponding Madness. But such a debauchery takes its toll on the target. After resolving that Madness, the marker is removed and replaced by a Suppressed Marker, making the unit vulnerable for possible counter attacks.


It wasn’t possible to introduce the ghouls without showcasing their questionable culinary taste. The Necrophagous character trait is made exactly for this. In the beginning of the game it allows you to give a most welcome life point to a unit which can normally only take one hit. Once used, the marker is not permanently discarded, which would normally be the case. When one of the Ghoul Clan units wins an Assault, you can flip that marker to its other, Suppressed side: to replenish their forces, ghouls feed on the victim of the assault. If that ghoul unit is still in the game at the end of the Supply Phase (at the moment when Suppressed Markers are normally removed), you can flip this marker back to its regular, life-point side. You may now use that life point again. As long as the ghouls aren’t disturbed during their feedings, you can reinforce your unit’s durability.


So again, you can’t stop dreaming about SoN games with the new Ghoul Clan??? Please participate in this P500 campaign. After Monday, June 17th, 2019, 18h00 it’s too late… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you…

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posted by gduprez the [11/06/2019]

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3 Comments on “What’s up Ghoulie?”

  1. avatar 3. Weird WWII said :

    A very nasty army!

    Keep it WEIRD!!!
    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Les goules sont faits pour intégrer le Mythe mais je pense que le Soleil Noir peut trouver les arguments pour nouer une alliance.
    Je pense que je vais proposer une options Pack Hunting pour les Profonds. Ça devrait être la faction corps à corps de SoN mais je trouve qu’il manque un peu de punch dans ce domaine. Cette option devrait les rebooster 😉
    Et comme j’ai plein d’autres idées pour les Profonds, je pense me pencher dessus bientôt.

  3. avatar 1. Desparite said :

    Merci pour le retex, les goules sont une mini-faction de plus en plus intéressante à jouer !
    Le “Pack Hunting” je trouve que c’est vraiment un must pour les unités monstrueuses non-humaines, les zombies (et les unités canines des SS).