HoS_Battlefield Stories #1 Volga-Kolkhoze EN-FR

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Here’s a little unpublished surprise, never before offered in our previous Kickstarter campaigns,
This is a new product exclusive to our online store.


—- Volga & Kolkhoze – Battlefield Story#1 —-


Battlefield Stories are new products containing Terrain Boards (Brand New) and Scenarios (Brand New).


This expansion allows you to play in two new environments, a fiercely contested Kolkhoz on the outskirts of Stalingrad, as well as the docks on the west bank of the Volga. With this, you can relive the dangerous crossing of the river by the soldiers of the Red Army.



—– This Battlefield Story requires the Heroes of Stalingrad Core box —–




Content :

  • 1 Rules and Scenarios booklet of 8 pages
  • 3 Terrain Boards
  • 2 Punchboard (1 + 1/2)

posted by [Devil-Pig] Sroker the [27/07/2023]