The Choir of Nightmares

The Choir of Nightmares

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This punchboard contains a new unit for the Mythos faction, the Choir of Nightmares, an evil choir, singing ungodly canticles lead by their choral conductor. Practically, this choral conductor chants a hymn, causing an effect (harmful for the enemy, or beneficial for allies) in a small area. Nearby choristers can immediately pick up his chanting, increasing the effect.

On an individual level, the Choir of Nightmares is composed of rather weak units, but they strengthen and support their allies thanks to their blasphemous prayers.

Well used, their effects can change the tide of a battle, yet the choirmaster needs protection – without him, it’s impossible to chant. It’s best not to lose the chorists too fast either if you’d like to keep the reach and effectiveness of the prayers.

Content :

– 1 punchboard



posted by yann the [08/07/2021]