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HoN-TCG Resistance

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Radio transmission

From: Major John Marvin To: The Chief of Staff
Subject: French Forces of the Interior

1. We met the Resistance, at last! They reached us after we took the target and they attacked the rearguard of the german retreat. The was not the most difficult job, but they did their best for this fight, good guys!

2. They transmitted us many intel about the area, such as minefields position, troops movements, where to ambush, etc. We can thank them!

3. They join us for the next steps of the operation. With their knowledge of the region, they’re a great help for of our progression. We will be able to break the flank of the damned german.

                                                                        MAJOR JOHN MARVIN

Expansion content :

  • 21 FFI Cards
  • 7 Guestapo Cards
  • 2 Punchboards
  • 1 scenario sheet




posted by yann the [11/03/2019]