WORLD of TANKS M3 Lee Expansion Pack 

11.00 €
Quantity available: 73 copies

The M3 Lee Expansion Pack gives players a tank with a very similar stat line to its successor, the M4A1 Sherman. It features with a good mix of Mobility, Initiative and Survivability, whilst the fixed main gun and lower Initiative results in a lower point cost making it a good choice for gamers on a budget.
The M3 Lee is a unique Tank Destroyer in that it mounts a powerful gun in the hull, along with a second gun in a small turret.

Language :

French, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian

Contenu :

  • 1 tank pré-peint
  • 5 cartes d’équipage, de module et de mise à niveau
  • 1 code bonus en ligne.


posted by yann the [04/01/2021]