HoBr Blister Bad Moon *

HoBR Blister Bad Moon

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“While Warboss Skarblitz disembarks on Black Reach with his Bad Moons to participate in the battle (and maybe taking advantage of the first opportunity to take power of the Waaagh), Goff Meks finish the Stompa’s assembly…”

Heroes of Black Reach core game box is needed to play with this expansion.


• rules & 2 scenarios

• Skarblitz (Warboss)

• Bad Moon Meganobz

• Bad Moon Grot tanks

• Bad Moon Killa Kans

• Bad Moon Grot Mega Tank

• Bad Moon meka dread

• Bad Moon trukk

• Bad Moon war buggy

• Goff stompa

• 1 objective & 1 terrain overlay

• Vehicle Equipment, Command Options and customizations

• bad moon order tokens and dice

• New Stickers

posted by yann the [08/07/2021]