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Desert Wrath – ENG

Desert Wrath ENG

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After the swamps of Normandy, this Scenarios Pack will take you to the sweltering heat of the sands of Egypt. Follow the adventures of the Section M and accompany Captain Harris Badger and the Corporal Akhee Singh in their fight against the Black Sun in search of the legendary city of Irem. This new expansion introduces a new faction, the Section M, and offers you scenarios for 2 to 4 players. You will also find new units for the Black Sun, new spells and magic items, new heroes and the Bedouins as new allies.


  • 6 punchboards
  • 6 terrain boards
  • 1 50-Action cards deck for the Section M
  • 1 Order token set for the Section M
  • 2 Section M dice
  • 1 scenario booklet


posted by Axel the [13/04/2017]