Civilians under Fire – FR/ENG

Civilians under Fire

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France is invaded!

Despite the vagaries of the Vichy regime, proud resistance fighters rise to fight. Follow Gisele in the liberation of her companions. Support Alexandre, proud and happy mayor, in his fight against oppression. Help Father Bernard to save the souls of his poor flocks.

But be careful, because in front are formidable opponents! The Gestapo keeps watch, led by the dangerous Ilda and her bodyguards, both men and dogs.

The population, despite the conflict, will not remain inactive and will colonize your battlefields. From the grandpa and his rifle to Toto and his slingshot, through the waitress and his seduction.

New mechanisms appear, such as stacking for civilian units, which will disrupt your research. Your armies will now be able to activate set elements. And above all, you will be able to customize your heroes! This mechanism of Shadows over Normandy (fantasy version of Heroes of Normandy) is entering Heroes!


  • 4 punchboards with civilians, Gestapo and FFI

You must have the Heroes of Normandie core box to play with it.

Civilians under Fire : rules and scenarios (beta)
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