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—– Bloody Omaha – Battlepack#1 —-


June 6, 1944, one word is written in letters of blood and fire in the pages of history books, OMAHA! Thanks to this expansion pack for Heroes of Normandy, you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the beach or a quiet and bucolic afternoon at the farm.

In Heroes of Normandie : Bloody Omaha Battlepack#1, relive the terrible landing of the 1st American Infantry Division (Big Red One). In addition to the forces of the Core box, American forces will have at their disposal Combat Engineers from the Big Red One, a battalion of Rangers, an regiment from the 29th Infantry Division and the 743rd American Tank Battalion. The German forces were not left behind and had at their disposal a battalion of the Festungkompanie, Panzer-Aufklarungs and a Panzergruppe of the 2nd Panzer Division to fiercely defend the beach.

Let’s not forget the addition of the High Command which will allow you to play the American and German air force, but also to rain artillery on your opponent, will you choose the explosive or smoke shells? New heroes are available for both sides as well as a plethora of equipment and support options. Play through 4 scenarios ranging from Omaha beach to a small farm near the coast with 6 new double-sided terrain boards. One thing is for sure, you’ll understand why this beach was infamously renamed Bloody Omaha.


—– This Product requires the Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition – Core box —–








Content :

  • 7 complete sections and their options (4 American and 3 German).
  • 2 Officers (1 American and 1 German).
  • Tanks, light vehicles, heavy weapons, character traits, equipment and ordinances for both armies.
  • 3 Heroes (2 American and 1 German).
  • 6 two-sided terrain boards.
  • 7 Dyke/Road intertiles.
  • 26 terrain elements.
  • 1 rules & scenarios booklet.

That’s a total of more than 300 items!

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