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his product includes the corresponding corrected card(s).

Operation Neptune

The Normandy Invasion evokes above all the image of hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers disembarking onto the beaches of Normandy in the face of the Third Reich’s machine guns, before making their way through bocage country loaded with mines and ambushes. After several months of unforeseen difficulties, the Allied victory in Normandy marked the beginning of the end of the war in the west. he game’s scenarios represent the iconic battles that took place during these desperate months of struggle.


Content :

Core Box

  • 79 US cards
  • 85 German cards
  • 4 hero tokens
  • 3 double-sided Battle Maps
  • 2 player boards with 42 markers 54 other markers
  • 2 terrain tiles
  • 1 game turn counter
  • 3 dice
  • 1 rule book
  • 7 scenario sheets



On D-Day, the Americans will take every beach they assault with titanic naval, aerial and land strength. There will be easy landings like at Utah Beach, and murderous ones like Omaha Beach. Shocked by carpet-bombing, the Wehrmacht will nevertheless react and counter-attack. The Americans will be at risk of a catastrophic re-embarkation several times.

Expansion Content :

  • 22 US cards
  • 21 German cards
  • 6 hero tokens
  • 1 double-sided Battle Map
  • 1 rule sheet
  • 2 scenario sheets
  • 40 markers

Exclusive content : Rangers Lead the way

  • 1 double-sided Battle Map
  • 6 US cards
  • 1 scenario sheet

Free Fight

A pick-up game is when two players decide to recruit their own armies and battle each other without using a historical scenario. The players are two generals, who will have to cover all the necessary logistics and reconnaissance when choosing the men and weapons for their army. So that the game is balanced and interesting, we suggest you follow the rules below.

Expansion content :

  • 42 US cards
  • 16 Commonwealth cards
  • 39 German cards
  • 20 objective cards
  • 1 Battle Map (front side)
  • 12 hero tokens
  • 18 markers and
  • 6 tiles for Battle Map
  • 2 rule sheets

Exclusive content :

  • 5 US cards
  • 6 Commonwealth cards
  • 6 German cards
  • 6 hero tokens
  • 1 Battle Map (back side)
  • 3 deck boxes (US/GE/UK)








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  • HoN-TCG Neptune Pledge
  • HoN-TCG Corrective Free Figth
  • HoN-TCG Corrective Core Box

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