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Technical problem about the shop

A technical issue causes that current shipping costs to particular destinations are too expensive. We must therefore temporarily suspend sales to these countries. This concerns zones 6 to 10 (see list).

All orders and pre-orders made before this closure (Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, 12:00 am) will be honored of course.

Kickstarters, pledge managers and Limited Editions (Shadow Hunters) are not affected by this restriction as they are subject to one-off dispatches

We are working to reduce this interruption as quickly as possible.

posted by Axel the [03/05/2017]

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5 Comments on “Technical problem about the shop”

  1. avatar 5. Axel said :

    SHADOW HUNTERS is NOT concerned by this problem! It is written line 4.

  2. avatar 4. Axel said :

    Currently, with the volumetric weight for shipping by plane (the storage solution is big but empty), the shipping cost should be multiply by 3 (a storage solution costs near 100€ to send to USA and you pay around 30€, so we lose money). We cannot propose shipping currently without searching a solution and modifying our shipping calculation.

    We are working to make it the more real but the less painful for you. So, the shipping will increase for some products and we are studying the possibility to have a stock on one another country in order to reduce them for a part of our customer.

  3. avatar 3. phantomwhale said :

    You mean shipping will be going UP or DOWN to these zones? Hoping for down…

  4. avatar 2. Masame said :

    For those of us in Zones 6 to 10 that want to order items that are available in limited numbers, what are we to do? I can’t order them because of this issue and they may not be available anymore once the issue is resolved.

  5. avatar 1. DanielTobin said :

    So how can we order the Limited Edition Shadow Hunters? Thx