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(Update #1)PREVIEW KS : Goering and his armoured train

Update#1 : 07/21/2016

Here is the first preview of these exclusive punchboards, from this KS campaign. It’s not the final version!

If you find any error, please tell us on this forum thread:

  • Goering and his armoured train: Forum
  • Montage_Goering_PunchboardMontage_Goering_Punchboard2Montage_Goering_Punchboard3Montage_Goering_Punchboard4


posted by Axel the [21/07/2016]

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7 Comments on “(Update #1)PREVIEW KS : Goering and his armoured train”

  1. avatar 7. stage de code said :

    C’est absolument fantastique

  2. avatar 6. tt said :


  3. avatar 5. Axel said :

    A train is present in the Battleground set 3 : https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/product/battleground-set-3-2/

    Goering was an exclusive kickstarter during the Strategic Resupply kickstarter campaign. It is not available on our store, only through events or promotional operation

  4. avatar 4. markf said :

    trains are in compendium? where are they in real life?

  5. avatar 3. voxer said :

    Where can i buy this pack? Looks like a lot off fun.

  6. avatar 2. Axel said :

    Les “Turret” sont à placer sur les wagons existants.

  7. avatar 1. mamalardo said :

    Si je vois bien, chacun des pions correspondant aux 4 options (bandes gris-blanc-gris) permettant de construire un 4ème wagon armé a un côté “plat” permettant de se coller à un des pions autre des pions (correspondant aux 3 autres options disponibles ) et un côté “attaché remorque” permettant d’insérer notre 4ème wagon dans le convoi.
    La tuile de recrutement permet de prendre 3 options de ce type. Comment construire un wagon cohérent avec ces pions?