Heroes of Black Reach Preorders

Hello everyone!

Here is some information about the Heroes of Black Reach orders:

– If you have placed a mixed order (HoBR + products from other ranges), don’t worry: you will receive HoBR first and then the rest of the order (this concerns about 1 in 10 orders)

– Some people may receive their Drop Zone twice: we took the risk of delivering several times in order to unlock all orders and to avoid missing deliveries

Philibert confirmed to us that the problems are being addressed: they have received the new dispatch files and are starting to send the orders for delivery.


What next ?

– We will close HoBR pre-orders on the site. The status will temporarily change to “Out of stock” for technical reasons until all pre-orders are sent.

– HoBR will then be available for direct sale on the website

Of course we will continue to keep you informed as much as possible and we are making developments to strengthen and make our system more reliable.


Thank you all for your patience and support!

posted by Claire-Marie the [11/10/2018]

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9 Comments on “Heroes of Black Reach Preorders”

  1. avatar 9. Sgt Issah said :

    I know this is about the EU and UK, but what’s the status on the North American shipment? Any date as to when they’ll start delivery?

  2. avatar 8. Briarch said :

    Order reference ch_1BWRApAW3knseCQWCGMiwgGf
    Numéro de facture : 2892

    TOTAL PAID VIA STRIPE » 421.31 €

    I have NOT RECEIVED:

  3. avatar 7. Silverpaint68 said :

    Write wiyh courtesy, please. Your post hurt my eyes !

    The team is certainly doing all they can. You’re not the One in the world.

    I’m going here for reading answers or informations, not for reading abusive comments.

  4. avatar 6. timkuncl said :

    Also fuck you for lowering the prices on everything I ordered…yet no product or refund comes my way a year later…eat shit devil pig delayed never arrive game company…

  5. avatar 5. timkuncl said :

    You guys suck… an entire year has gone past my preorder…fuck you all…

  6. avatar 4. ipcutler said :

    Both my main box set (ordered last year) and the reinforcement packs (ordered from the web stoe at the end of Sept) have arrived (UK), the game looks great DPG – many thanks and looking forward to your ongoing success.

  7. avatar 3. LionSaurus said :

    Stuck in customs for 3 days now, waiting for information from DP. I’ve contacted them by e-mail, the website, directly to @gduprez and also tried contacting the postal service practically begging them to tell me what they need to get it moving, but not getting answers from any one. @gduprez read my message yesterday, but hasn’t replied – hopefully he is looking into getting the package shipped, but if it doesn’t get shipped this time it will be the final straw for me.

  8. avatar 2. Claire-Marie said :

    Merci à vous pour votre compréhension !

  9. avatar 1. Trichelieu said :

    Merci pour ces infos!