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Update 10/01/2018: New version of the files

As promised, I have the pleasure of presenting to you, my second punchboard for the FFI.

You can find on it:
– new options to customize your French Resistance armies (Personally, I’d like the sidecar),
– a new recruitment tile for Julie Aubrac.

I hope you will appreciate this new creation.

Get your scissors!

Those that wish to make one sided prints, then assemble the counters using cardboard or spare errata DPG counters can download this file :

P&P - FFI punchboard 2 - One sided print
Download File

If you want to print front and backside directly (best use 320 g paper), download this file :

P&P – FFI PUNCHBOARD 2 – front and backside print
Download File

Of course, you can contact Azao Games and order the punchboard from them.


Ask them the desired number of « AZ002 – La cellule Du Guesclin – punchboard N°2 » prints. They cost 15 euros taxes included + shipping depending on destination.

If you have access to punchboard machines and are able to make your own, the necessary files can be downloaded here :

P&P - FFI punchboard 2 - proper print
Download File

And now?

This punchboard is the second and last one, I have created for Heroes of Normandie. But I will publish soon other punchboards for Shadows over Normandie in the Downloads section of the website .

Merry Christmas!

posted by gduprez the [26/12/2017]

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4 Comments on “P&P – FFI PUNCHBOARD 2”

  1. avatar 4. Kingprawn said :

    Although Julie’s inexplicably expensive….

  2. avatar 3. Kingprawn said :

    These are beauty. They will be a welcome addition to the small FFI force previously published.

  3. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Nouvelle version de fichiers à télécharger
    New version of the files

  4. avatar 1. gduprez said :

    Il y a une petite erreur sur le verso. Je vous fais la correction rapidement.