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Hello everybody,

Some of you already know that we stopped Paypal 5 days ago. After exploring all the possibilities, we now have all the answers and are able to provide you some informations.

1) Why did we close Paypal?

Paypal contacted us about the increase of operations on our website. They thought it was fraudulent or a scam. We explained them how Kickstarter and the pledge manager work. They considered it as a pre-order system, and then, decided to block all the money (pledge manager and shop) until backers have receive their package. So, we had to close Paypal immediately before all the money get blocked for months.

2) What does it involved?

The problem is you paid, are paying or, will pay your shipping/additional add-ons on our pledge manager OR your order on our webshop by credit card or by Paypal. If we don’t have the Paypal money, we will have a shortage of funds to pay the shipment.

3) About all backers / buyers who already paid by Paypal

Don’t worry, you will receive your package.

4) How to pay?

With a credit card have to pay with it. Sogenactif, the payment solution provided by our bank is SECURE (the web address is https://). Yes, our website is not as secured as the Sogenactif payment solution, but your bank informations are not stored or registered on it but on the secured Sogenactif website.

If you cannot (and only if you strictly cannot) pay by credit card, please contact us at

  • Backers: kickstarter.dpg@gmail.com.
  • Buyers (webshop): use the “Order issue” contact form

Answering your emails may take 1 week because of the amount of mail we receive each day and because of the International gaming festival of Cannes beginning for us tomorrow and last until next Monday.

For informations, the pledge manager will close at the end of April, so you have time.

Other links:

How to use the pledge manager.

News to follow the modifications on the pledge manager (new update soon)

Thanks for your attention,

The Devil Pig Team

posted by Axel the [23/02/2016]

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