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Paris… It’s over….


Some of you had gotten into the habit of picking up products directly from Devil Pig’s offices in Paris and taking the opportunity to talk to the team. For several weeks now, these offices have been closed and it has no longer been possible to pass through them.

I would like to reassure you on two points:

– it is only a cost-saving measure: with the reduction in the size of the team and the departure of Yann and Clem for the province, there is no justification for continuing to pay rent in Paris. So we will soon empty the offices and find a new occupant.

– As for the kickstarter Heroes of Stalingrad, a number of backers have chosen to withdraw from the Paris office. We will find an alternative solution so that they can receive their pledge in due time even if this may result in DPG paying the shipping costs. We do not wish to ask you today to pay shipping costs even though we offered you a hand delivery when you decided to participate in the Kickstarter.

If you want to meet team members, talk about our projects or even test future scenarios and products, don’t hesitate to come and visit us on Thursday evening at the Waaagh Taverne. Guillaume is there almost every Thursday evening and Yann and Clem are present every time they are in Paris on a Thursday evening.



posted by gduprez the [11/12/2018]

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4 Comments on “Paris… It’s over….”

  1. avatar 4. Uphir said :

    Je ne peux pas blâmer Yann & Clem’, même si l’endroit était chouette; j’ai moi même fait le choix de quitter Paris pour la province cet été. La vie y est bien plus cool ! 😉

  2. avatar 3. Nagash1959 said :

    Maybe ask the Waagh Tvern guys if they can host a pick up event there for the KS backers that were going to get the game that way?

  3. avatar 2. Nostradunwhich said :

    I only got to visit once, but it is sad to see it go.

  4. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Une page se tourne mais l’aventure continue toujours