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P500 N°1 validated!


Hello, everyone!

It’s getting hot on the forum!

As Yann announced between 2 messages and as you saw via the validation of your payment, we decided to validate the P500.
Certainly the objective of 15,000€ has not been reached in 6 days but the current amount already covers production costs. In view of our last setbacks, if you hadn’t been there to support us, the pigs would have ended up as sausages!


So the validation of the P500 sounds a bit like a big thank you!

As indicated in the first communications the P500 will remain open until February 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm so that those who have already participated can adjust their order (if necessary contact me in MP for practical details) and so that latecomers can hang on to it.

Regarding delivery times, we are planning a dispatching in June 2019: we prefer to see large immediately to manage production calmly and face possible setbacks.

Thank you to you! See you soon for the next News and events (production, delivery, next P500 etc…).

posted by gduprez the [02/02/2019]

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21 Comments on “P500 N°1 validated!”

  1. avatar 21. Dred ZeRed said :


  2. avatar 20. gduprez said :

    @Nigel: I have send you un message.

  3. avatar 19. chevalierorazur said :

    •Nigel – Send a MP to gduprez.

  4. avatar 18. Nigel said :

    Like a earlier comment I too would like to add an item to my order to save shipping costs how do i do this?

  5. avatar 17. socialdejo@gmail.com said :

    I love being able to get my hands on these out of print items, but I wish you could add other future P500 items to your shipping costs. Paying a new shipping cost for each new P500 becomes taxing.

  6. avatar 16. LionSaurus said :

    Next P500 please!

  7. avatar 15. Amalrian said :

    merci les amis

  8. avatar 14. Nox said :

    Qu’une seule chose à dire : un énorme merci aux cochons !

  9. avatar 13. dafrca said :

    I am glad it was enough to allow the move forward. 🙂

  10. avatar 12. Dred ZeRed said :

    Bon … Bravo… Super… A nous les rangements ^^
    Mais.. Maintenant… C’est pas tout ça…
    Y a un dragounet qui trépigne d’impatience pour le prochain P500 sur HoBR!!! <3

  11. avatar 11. manoi said :

    merci les Devils!

  12. avatar 10. Korrigan said :

    Good work, soldiers !

  13. avatar 9. Nigel said :

    That’s great news thanks for going ahead even when we didn’t quite make it, I believe it bodes well for D.P moving forward with the second and subsequent P500’s because now we are ready and waiting and word will have time to spread I see things only getting better. I would be interested to know what the final pledge total is after the extra days have elapsed, would that be possible?

  14. avatar 8. gduprez said :

    @jyonkers: I sent you a private message.

  15. avatar 7. JanHoos said :

    Congrats!! I’ll place my order for the roads asap!

  16. avatar 6. jyonkers said :

    How do I add to my original order? I would like to order an additional item but want to avoid a second shipping charge.

  17. avatar 5. Strapuce said :

    Good news ! J’espère que la semaine supplémentaire sera profitable

  18. avatar 4. guitho1974 said :

    Voila une excellente nouvelle !!!!!
    Encore une fois, décider de livrer le P500 sans avoir atteint le montant minimum démontre tout ce qu’on peut attendre de vous.
    Viser Juin est une très bonne initiative. Et même si il y a du retard, vous êtes par avance pardonnés (au moins par moi et, j’en suis certain, par la majorité de la communauté)

  19. avatar 3. Jowel said :

    Bravo et merci!

  20. avatar 2. Nemesis88 said :

    Ma collectionnite aiguë est satisfaite.

  21. avatar 1. Francky1472 said :

    Gruiiiiiiikkkkk !!!!! 😉