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P500 – The Ghoul Clan


You asked for it during the original Shadows over Normandie Kickstarter campaign and you sure had a lot of patience. But here they are, finally! Emerging from the sewers, from the heart of their lair, the ghouls are now joining the Mythos faction.

Cthulhu Mythos Call #4 introduces some creative gameplay because all ghouls have the Burrower special ability. Thanks to this special ability, Ghouls may move underground, approaching their preys as close as possible, before engaging in a close combat assault, their greatest feature.

However, don’t wait too long to get the ghouls to the surface or you’ll risk getting caught, and face the consequences… Although they’re heavily specialized troops – with only one life point – the ghouls are rather fragile.



The Ghoul Clan is lead by a ghoul priest with the disrupting habit, even for necrophagous ghouls, to play with food. This character benefits from the Master of the Dead special ability, supporting his clan’s powers by raising Zombies.

In closing, these punchboards contain a set of thematic options to reinforce your ghouls as well as different terrain elements filling out the elements in Battleground Set #5 – The Sewers.



This product is accompanied by a digital booklet, downloadable from our site, containing the rules to play with The Ghoul Clan as well as two scenarios.


In the next news post, I’ll show you the new generic storage box for Shadows over Normandie.

And don’t forget this P500’s launch date:

Monday, June 3rd, 18h00 (French Time).

posted by gduprez the [31/05/2019]

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11 Comments on “P500 – The Ghoul Clan”

  1. avatar 11. Weird WWII said :

    Time to eat!!!

    Keep it WEIRD!!!
    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 10. gduprez said :

    @Bokrug: Done

  3. avatar 9. gduprez said :

    Et à titre personnel, je pense qu’un classeur serait plus pratique qu’un ouvrage relié mais c’est un avis très personnel.

  4. avatar 8. gduprez said :

    Pas dans ce P500.
    Mais je note l’idée… la grande question est de savoir si la communauté SoN reste assez importante pour permettre d’imprimer un tel ouvrage.

  5. avatar 7. Kuwanan said :

    Est ce qu un livre relié avec toutes les regles de SON/ scénario non présent dans le compendium serait enviseable dans ce P500? J aime bien avoir des livres propre plutôt que des impresions volantes. Ca serait un vrai plus je trouve qui permettrait de rassembler un peu toutes les les productions depuis le compendium.

  6. avatar 6. Bokrug said :

    Looks amazing! I like the extension of the sewer concept, this is fantastic! Interesting that the tougher ghouls at least have a chance fighting heavy armored vehicles.

    From a proofing standpoint, I’m confused a bit about the icon ordering on Urghot. Compare his unit token to Ghoul Prime, who has the order stars at the top and the digging trait at the bottom left. Why does Urghot have his order star second from the top, and his digging trait at the bottom right? Following the placement on the Big Ghouls and Ghoul Prime, it seems like his digging trait should be bottom left, zero range bottom right, and order star top right. (Sorry to be a nitpicking bastard, but I like consistency…)

  7. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    Pack Hunting Character Trait will be described in the booklet corresponding to this extension.
    But I think I’ll tell you a little more about it during the P500.
    Pack Hunting sera décrit dans le livret correspondant à cette extension.
    Mais je pense vous en dire un peu plus pendant le P500.

  8. avatar 4. Molpov said :

    “Quoi ma goule, qu’est-ce qu’elle a ma goule!” Jauni Badeliday, penseur français du 20eme siècle.

  9. avatar 3. Desparite said :

    Alors Zombie Master sur Urghot, ça promet de gros carnages et des tas de Mojoto-cervelles servis en terrasses de morgues avec une petite ombrelle colorée.

    Je vois déjà le scénario 3 joueurs avec allemands contre alliés se battant à la surface et des goules zombies envahissant progressivement toutes leurs positions depuis les égouts façon termites putréfiées.

  10. avatar 2. Quickle said :

    These look awesome!! I especially love the thematic large rooms (carnage room and cult church), these will really make sewer scenarios with the ghouls and cultists pop!

    What does the Pack Hunting Character Trait do (third image, top right)? It doesn’t appear to give any tokens or ability icons, so I’m assuming the rules will be in a booklet (or downloadable).

  11. avatar 1. Desparite said :

    Génial ! Moi qui attendais un squat d’égouts dans la dernière news voilà qu’on en reçoit un recto-verso ! Il y a même une sortie de cimetière (celle planquée dans les arbustes) ! Merci !
    Mine de rien avec les investigateurs, la flopée de civils, de décors milimétrés et d’opposants ; le potentiel de jeu situé entre wargame et jdr est en train de prendre une sacrée dimension.