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P500 – Final straight



You only have until 6:00 p.m. (French time) tonight to order the products you want to purchase as part of our first P500.

I remind you that there is no guarantee that these products will join our online store in the future so if you are interested in any of the products, don’t delay!!!

posted by gduprez the [11/02/2019]

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8 Comments on “P500 – Final straight”

  1. avatar 8. Mark White said :

    I have only recently bought HoN Core game and various expansion and scenario packs.
    Whilst researching the game I came across P500. Can I still ‘invest’ in this to obtain more game product? If not, will you be running anything similar in the future so I can obtain out of print content?

  2. avatar 7. chaosyntax said :

    just getting into HoN and just about missed it, rip rails & roads 🙁

  3. avatar 6. Dred ZeRed said :


  4. avatar 5. thesandgamer said :

    @DomDom, le prochaine P500 c’est du HOBr

  5. avatar 4. DomDom said :

    Est-il possible d’avoir une estimation des quantités par produits commandés lors de ce P500 ?Le programme du prochain P500 est-il déjà établi(HON ,SON,…)?


  6. avatar 3. chevalierorazur said :

    On attends déjà le deuxième P500 😀

  7. avatar 2. thesandgamer said :

    à la fin de ce p500 y’aura tout de suite le 2ème ou faudra attendre?

  8. avatar 1. Eclo said :

    More than 18K already… Congratz !!