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P500 – Generic storage boxes for Shadows over Normandie


In the Strategic Resupply Kickstarter campaign we proposed storage boxes for the complete Shadows over Normandie range (at that time those were: the Core Box, Cthulhu Mythos Call #1 and Desert Wrath). Those visually stunning boxes were a great success; they sold out quickly and are out-of-stock ever since.

Because of the progressive growth of this range we’d like to present you a generic storage box to organise your Shadows over Normandie collection. This new box gives you more flexibility while organizing all your stuff, whatever way suits you best.



Limiting the maximum number of boxes was the concept that guided the development of the first storage system. With the new generic boxes, we’re offering you the possibility, if you like, to fully bundle game elements in order to limit the number of boxes again, and consequently the bulkiness of you storage system, or inversely, splitting your game elements into more boxes to facilitate setup and cleanup.

For this reason, each storage box will contain two sticker sheets of 24 stickers, covering the complete range of current Shadows over Normandie products, including the new items proposed in this P500. Certain options (customizations and spells for example) get multiple stickers, just in case you would like to organize them in multiple drawers.  



If you already own the first series of the boxes, you can now complete your collection with some generic storage boxes to organise the latest products which didn’t have a storage solution yet.

A downloadable file explains which groups of game elements correspond with each sticker.

In the future, stickers will be directly offered with the products.


And don’t forget this P500’s launch date:

Monday, June 3rd, 18h00 (French Time).

posted by gduprez the [02/06/2019]

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7 Comments on “P500 – Generic storage boxes for Shadows over Normandie”

  1. avatar 7. dimitri said :

    bonjour, est ce que des boîtes de rangement pour shadow over the Normandie, vont bientôt remisent en vente ?

  2. avatar 6. MuzzaBzuzza said :

    “A downloadable file explains which groups of game elements correspond with each sticker.”

    Can anyone post a link to this file please? I can’t find it on the site… thx

  3. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    If you don’t have any storage for SoN at all….
    The SoN generic storage boxes are delivered with 2 sheets of 24 stickers covering the entire range, including the P500.
    If you want to follow the proposed storage plan, you need 48 drawers, so 8 storage boxes (6×8=48). It’s based on my own storage system that allows me not to have boxes so full that you have trouble finding an option or a token 😉 It’s comfortable. There will be a Bundle allowing you to buy 8 boxes directly.
    We should be able to get everything in 5 or 6 boxes by optimizing.
    If you have HoN, you can also save some space by putting the neutral and command options in order with those of HoN…
    If you already have SoN storage boxes, it reduces the number of boxes you need.
    If your finances allow it, think also about the future… add 1 or 2 boxes 😀

  4. avatar 4. Chris Bassett said :

    how many would you need to store all
    current releases?

  5. avatar 3. gduprez said :

    Si tu n’as pas du tout de rangement pour SoN…

    Les boites de rangements génériques SoN sont livrées avec 2 planches de 24 stickers qui couvrent l’intégralité de la gamme, ce P500 compris.

    Si tu veux suivre le plan de rangement proposé, il faut donc 48 tiroirs donc 8 boites de rangements (6×8=48). C’est calqué sur mon propre système de rangement qui me permet de ne pas avoir des boites tellement pleines que tu galères à retrouver une option ou un token 😉 C’est confortable. Il y aura un Bundle permettant d’acheter directement 8 boites.

    On doit pouvoir faire tout rentrer 5 ou 6 boites en optimisant.

    Si tu as HoN, tu peux aussi gagner un peu de place en rangeant les options neutre et commandement avec celles de HoN…

    Si tu as déjà des boites de rangement SoN, ça diminue d’autant le nombre de boite dont tu as besoin.

    Si vos finances vous le permettent, pensez aussi au futur… ajoutez 1 ou 2 boites :mrgreen:

  6. avatar 2. Amalrian said :

    question il en faut combien pour le all inclusive 🙂

  7. avatar 1. Jowel said :