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New scenario and Rules summary for French Resistance Fighters




Few weeks ago, I published 2 punchboards for the French Resistance Fighters. Today, I post un new scenario to use these new units.





Download File

If you haven’t this units, you can play the scenario with other French Resistance Fighters units or even with other armies.

You can find in the download section a summary of the rules for the new French Resistance Fighters options on the 2 P&P punchboards.

Rules for P&P French Resistances Fighters punchboards
Download File

posted by gduprez the [17/02/2018]

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3 Comments on “New scenario and Rules summary for French Resistance Fighters”

  1. avatar 3. gduprez said :

    The P&P punchboards are my creations. I’m not a DPG’ employee but just a fan of the Heroes System (and the french voluntary moderator). Unfortunately, the Devil Pigs have no time (at the moment) to do a Kickstarter. We have decide to put this punchboards on the website for the community. It’s better than stocking this creation on my computer. 😉 Thank you for your very encouraging message.
    Azao Games can print on demand the punchboards and the products are really nice… it’s more expensive but at presents it’s the single solution.

  2. avatar 2. proudgeek159 said :

    How do you guys feel about doing a Kickstarter for a collection of all the P&P and Kickstarter-exclusive punchboards to date. I understand your desire to keep your promises to past Kickstarter backers, but I have a feeling that there are enough new players to support a collection of hard-to-get punchboards to complete their collections.

  3. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Au Top !!!!