Here we go…

Hello soldiers!
Here we go… The wait is over!Europe:
Everything arrived this morning in our warehouse in France and mailing to European countries started today. It will take us 2 to 3 weeks to finalize (a little bit longer for the UK).

The container arrived at the port of Seattle a few days ago, but due to an overloaded customs service and a lack of trucks (this is not a joke) it takes time to organize the convoy to our American warehouse.
Guys! What happened to the Red Ball Express?
Anyway, the shipment to the US should start within 2-4 weeks and be completed in 2-3 weeks.

We are very close to the end. Stay positive and thank you for your patience.

Battle for Caen

As you probably know by now, our next campaign will be launched once the expeditions are over!

This means that you should already be prepared for the launch and it happens here:

The DPG Team


posted by yann the [15/03/2022]

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13 Comments on “Here we go…”

  1. avatar 13. nastasiya09 said :

    Reçu aujourd’hui.

  2. avatar 12. Seabees said :

    Reçu aujourd’hui. Magnifique édition, super boulot…

  3. avatar 11. stuka said :

    Reçu aujourd’hui. Tout est génial.
    Une question s’il vous plaît.
    Est-ce que tout ou partie de ce matériel remplace l’ancien matériel HoN?

  4. avatar 10. nastasiya09 said :

    this look so good, i really want to play this

  5. avatar 9. El Guigui said :

    Reçu aujourd’hui. Merci Devil Pig 🙂

  6. avatar 8. Ylwar said :

    Received the game already ! Great!

  7. avatar 7. Majors Sandwich said :

    J’ai des palpitations rien qu’a penser à mon colis. Il devrais arriver aujourd’hui :p

  8. avatar 6. Scratch said :

    Great news guys! So exciting!

  9. avatar 5. cptkirk said :

    Génial!!!! Quel transporteur allez vous utiliser pour nous envoyer nos précieux?

  10. avatar 4. Nagash1959 said :

    Hear me out, for the Caen expansion, make the guy holding the news papers at the top as “The War Reporter” promo character.

  11. avatar 3. Axe said :

    Super nouvelle ! Bravo pour tout le boulot pour mener cette campagne à bien.

  12. avatar 2. Basile said :

    Yeah as soon as possible after the Kickstarter shipping

  13. avatar 1. mackopl said :

    Thanks guys 🙂 Will You sell Solo mode online?