Nijmengen 44

September 1944, the allied “blitzkrieg” following the breakthrough of Cobra began to run out of steam. Despite the unexpected capture of the port of Antwerp intact (the banks of the Scheldt are still in German hands) most of the Allied supplies came from Cherbourg. There is not enough supply to supply both Patton and Montgomery’s troops. The latter then proposed to Eisenhower a bold plan that he believed would allow the war to end at Christmas: Operation Market-Garden.

Three airborne divisions (101st US, 82nd US and 1st UK) are to jump over the Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem regions to capture key bridges. Starting from the banks of the Scheldt, the XXX Fortified Corps of the Guard Armored Division, 43rd Welsh Infantry Division and 8th Armoured Brigade had to relieve the paratroopers and once Arnhem reached Germany to encircle the Rhür from the north.

The 82nd US Airborne division commanded by General James M. Gavin (“Slim Jim” for his men) is in charge of the Nijmegen (Nijmegen) sector. Its mission is to control the key bridges of Graves and Nimègues as well as the bridges on the Maas/Waal canal while maintaining a defensive front facing the German border. The American paratroopers will have to hold out until the British tanks arrive.

“Nijmegen 44” will allow you to relive through 36 scenarios the battles that took place between 17 and 21 September 1944 in the Nijmegen area during Market Garden. The campaign consists of 8 chapters, each dealing with a sub-sector and a collection of special rules, battle orders and historical maps. It should be noted that you can play without the dike rules if you wish. A chapter will be shared every Tuesday on September 17, 2019, due to the 75th anniversary.


Be careful for this first wave of scenarios in addition to the Heroes Basic Box you will need the following products:


Chapter 2 :




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23 Comments on “Nijmengen 44”

  1. avatar 23. Foch94 said :

    @thia74 : MAchère, à quand la suite de cette fantastique campagne ?

  2. avatar 22. Chris said :

    Any word yet on when the remaining chapters of this campaign will be released in English?

  3. avatar 21. PAT said :

    Bravo Thia, travail fabuleux.

  4. avatar 20. chrisk47 said :

    Thank you very much for the translation.

  5. avatar 19. bartdevuyst said :

    The first chapter is available in English!

  6. avatar 18. bartdevuyst said :

    @Thia, SlyFox refers to this page:

    When you’re logged in, the site displays the products required to play this scenario. It states the Card Game as a requirement. I think Yann messed up here. 😉

  7. avatar 17. thia74 said :

    When Nijmegen was written (2015) HoN don’t exist. So it’s not possible. Could you tell what are you talking about with more precision please?

  8. avatar 16. slyfox said :

    @Bart, I was referring to page 2 and 3 of the rules PDF. Looks like some background info is there.

  9. avatar 15. bartdevuyst said :

    @SlyFox, we’ll be translating the rules file as well as all scenarios. I know nothing of a separate story document.

    You won’t need anything from the card game, obviously.

  10. avatar 14. slyfox said :

    I just noticed that chapter 1 requires “Private: HoN TCG: D-Day” Huh? I am not sure what this one is for and hope that we can play the campaign without the TCG.

    Bart, will you also be translating the first file, the story, and the rules?

  11. avatar 13. bartdevuyst said :

    Chapter 1 is almost finished in English.

  12. avatar 12. thia74 said :

    Le chapitre 2 est publié !

  13. avatar 11. slyfox said :

    A big koodos to Moomer and Bart!

  14. avatar 10. grimfit said :

    Merci pour cette campagne excellent boulot

  15. avatar 9. Quickle said :

    Thank you for offering to translate Moomer and bartdevuyst!!

  16. avatar 8. voxer said :

    That will be great! I live 20km below nijmegen. So it would be fun to play this one!

    Thanks a lot!

  17. avatar 7. Ouaam76 said :

    Ouf ! J’ai tout le matos qu’il faut pour jouer ça !!

    Encore merci Thia !

    Hi guys, I gonna try to translate the 1rst scenario this next few days. I’ll do my best !

  18. avatar 6. bartdevuyst said :

    Moomer and I will be translating this.

  19. avatar 5. Quickle said :

    Wow, this is going to be amazing!

  20. avatar 4. Xdamian said :

    When in English?

  21. avatar 3. thia74 said :

    We are searching for a translator

  22. avatar 2. slyfox said :

    Just one comment – will this be available in English?

  23. avatar 1. bartdevuyst said :

    Really nice!