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Modification of the price list and Christmas offer


As you may know, we have used the past few weeks to reorganize ourselves, to speed up projects that are behind schedule. Meanwhile we evaluated our past, learning from our errors in order to prepare for the future, because we are more confident than ever that there is a future for our company.

After several observations we have drawn many conclusions. We must share one particularly important conclusion… We take immense pride in delivering splendid products to provide our players with many most pleasant gaming experiences. We get lots of positive feedback from the community about the very high quality standard. We wish to maintain this standard at all times and therefore refuse to go faster if that requires lowering the quality.

Alas, our current prices are not quite in proportion with the huge amount of time, great effort and tremendous care we invest in producing our games. So, unfortunately, we need to reconsider our rates. As of January 2019, prices will be moderately increased. We hope you will understand this decision.


we gladly give you the chance to complete your collections or get your Christmas gaming gifts one last time at the old prices!
Don’t miss the promotional campaign that runs from Monday November 19 through to Monday December 31, 2018 :
-25% on the Heroes of Normandy and Shadows over Normandy ranges,
-30% on the Kharnage range,
-10% on the Age of Towers range.
There is no promotion on the Heroes of Black Reach range.
Bear in mind that these discounts can be combined with your permanent discounts and with the War Bonds discount.”

To access directly to the products on offer:


posted by gduprez the [17/11/2018]

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21 Comments on “Modification of the price list and Christmas offer”

  1. avatar 21. speedygonz said :

    Bonne annonce!
    je vais donc en profiter pour commander les quelques punchboards qu’il me manque pour SoN et la compléter par du HoN.
    Courage à vous!

  2. avatar 20. Dara said :

    Hi devil pig,
    I ordered a number of games but forgot to add Cthulhu Mythos Call 2 – ENG,
    Can you add it form me please? If i do it i must pay too much postage..
    many thanks

  3. avatar 19. gduprez said :

    @Ouaam76 : c’est bon tu peux y aller 😉

  4. avatar 18. Nox said :

    C’est génial cette promo ça me donne le coup de pouce nécessaire pour me laisser tenter par kharnage et découvrir autre chose chez les cochons que la gamme HoN / SoN. Je pense que je serai pas le seul à profiter de l’occasion pour se laisser tenter par de nouvelles découvertes. Merci les cochons !

  5. avatar 17. gduprez said :


  6. avatar 16. Dara said :

    Hi,Where will discount be added?

  7. avatar 15. gduprez said :

    @Bart De Vuyst: We will see what we can do to improve at this particular point.

  8. avatar 14. Bart De Vuyst said :

    Hey Guillaume,

    I understand that you (and the rest of the team) have a lot on your plate and I also understand your policy about the ‘no news, nothing to say’ communication. I also get that preparing news posts takes quite some time to prepare.

    But I have to say that ‘no news’ posts still are very useful to calm people down, plain simply because it takes off the stress. Even just saying: “We are still hard at work with the fulfilment”. Or “We’re starting to dispatch”. Or just plain simple: “No news from our side, but we’re working”. I say this because, like you know, I work in communication and marketing, and a stupid little message is better than no message at all. Even last week, on Kickstarter, people instantly start to worry and panic. For example, this DPG website was down for a few minutes and some people get nervous right away: they think the company is gone, dead, whatever, … So just regular confirmations… let’s say once a month, are better than nothing. 😉

    Anyway, I don’t want to be a nag, just sharing my experience and opinion. 😉

  9. avatar 13. Ouaam76 said :

    Apparemment, la campagne n’est pas encore démarrée (les cochons, c’est l’inverse des poules : ça se couche tard et ça se lève tard !! 😉 ).
    Je réessayerais plus tard alors…

  10. avatar 12. Ouaam76 said :

    La classique chasse au coûts cachés ! Toujours difficile d’estimer correctement le prix de revient d’un produit et un alignement se comprend. Attention toutefois à l’effet boomerang en cas de relèvement des prix trop brutal.
    En tout cas, cool pour les promos, je pense que je vais en profiter et tout de suite !

  11. avatar 11. Laira said :

    No updated price for HoBR… Seems like Heroes of Black Reach is less of a priority to you.
    Sad, I love HoBR and its theme. Would like to see units from a different WH40k faction.

  12. avatar 10. chevalierorazur said :

    Tout à fait d’accord avec Cireme, au niveau com’ on a changé de galaxie !

  13. avatar 9. philoute56 said :

    Je suis tout à fait d’accord pour une augmentation raisonnable de vos prix. Mais faites attention aux stocks qu’ont d(autres revendeurs, si eux aussi n’augmentent pas cela pourrait vous deservir. (moins pour vos plus fideles clients qui eux beneficient de reductions supplémentaires).

  14. avatar 8. gduprez said :

    @Cireme: oui je dors un peu de temps en temps… peut être pas assez mais oui 😉

  15. avatar 7. gduprez said :

    @voxer: Unfortunately, I cannot give information that I don’t have. As I explained, we take projects one by one and treat them because our staff do not allow us to do better. We have delivered Heroes of Black reach, we are delivering Gazette 8 and we are handling HoN-TCG shipments to the dispatchers from the factory after having found a solution to finalize the production of this game. As soon as this is done, we will take care of Stalingrad, which is the most recent project. And as we said, we will deliver this Kickstarter like the others.
    Making a News takes time and we understand that each participant in a Kickstarter wants information about the Kickstarter in which they have participated. However, it does not seem interesting to me to post and say: “Nothing new at the moment”. So, I post as soon as I have reliable information, mainly on this site because personally, I do not yet master the Kickstarter platform (I recently took over a number of tasks but I can’t learn everything instantly… to my great regret…).
    Thank you for your understanding.

  16. avatar 6. voxer said :

    How is it going with heroes of stalingrad? Please give us a time table on the kickstarter forum, people are getting restles.

    For the rest youre products of heroes of normandie look great and i have them all. I am a backer off heroes of stalingrad and i would like to now at whits time you think this game can be shipt.

    Greatings a dutch gamer

  17. avatar 5. Juan said :

    You first “sell” discounts in the form of war bounds and then raise the price of your products. Forgive me if im not thrilled with these news.

  18. avatar 4. Cireme said :

    Les prix ça évolue, c’est normal.
    J’espère que vous allez vite retomber sur vos pattes question sous.
    En tout cas, question communication, la métamorphose est impressionnante.
    Bravo et merci!

    (Au fait, il dort, des fois, Gduprez? 😉 )

  19. avatar 3. chevalierorazur said :

    Une news compréhensible concernant la nouvelle grille tarifaire. Espérons d’autres bonnes nouvelles pour Noël.
    Pour ma part, j’espère des nouveautés HoBR. Faites-nous un assassin eversor !

  20. avatar 2. Jacky said :


  21. avatar 1. Nox said :

    Je sens que je vais me faire plaisir 😀