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Hi everybody,

As you saw, we improved the visual aspect of the website! We turned it more “Devil Pig Games” than “Heroes of Normandie” because we created many games since Heroes of Normandie 😉

It is the first step on the road of the new new website, the next steps will be to rebuild all the website in order to modernize it and make a website of 2017-2018 and not one from some many years ago 😀

At the departure, it was designed as a simple e-shop for Heroes of Normandie, but, years after years, the website and the community grow and we added more and more patches and functionnalities. Currently, it is the time to transform all the previous ideas in a better e-shop with all the community functionnalities as:

  • the loyalty well displayed (currently it is displayed in your public profile, but shown only to you)
  • an easy-to-use download section with advises about scenarios you can play with your collection (Heroes of / Shadows over collection)
  • a collection section per game where you can track your own collection
  • a fan section with the developed tools
  • and many others!

posted by Axel the [13/09/2017]

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3 Comments on “Website upgrade”

  1. avatar 3. bartdevuyst said :

    It’s much better already!

    Better support for mobile devices, especially smartphones, would be nice too!

    Great work!

  2. avatar 2. Ceej said :

    It looks nicer, and it seems to be somewhat faster too. However… where’s the Search functionality?

  3. avatar 1. Jacky said :

    Super choix le rose !