How to use the pledge manager

You will receive a link in your mailbox giving you the access to the pledge manager. Once you click on it, you will be on the home page of the pledge manager.

Step 1: Welcome
1) Pledge Level: you can keep your pledge level, or, if you wish, up your pledge level to Cthulhu pledge level.
2) Details about minimum shipping fees for your pledge level. They correspond to the minimum shipping fees indicated during the Kickstarter campaign. The cost of domestic fees (Area USA/Canada/Europe) are already included, which explains the price increase of the pledge level. The extra cost for international shipping are shown and are automatically added and based on your location.
3) Geographical location: Specify the country of delivery
4) Click “Get Started!”

Step 2 (if Cthulhu pledge level): Language question
– Select the game language: Choose whether you want the game in French or English.
– Click on “Next Question”

Step 3: Shadow League question
If you wish to have free shipping (within the limit of one copy of each product as possible, including pledge level, except punchboards), you can choose to be delivered in a shop belonged to the Shadow League. The list of these stores is in the #XXX update and in the pulldown menu below the question.
– If you do not choose to be delivered in a Shadow league store, select “none”
– Shadow League: Choose your store or our offices
– Click “Next Question”

Step 4: Delivery question
– Phone Number: Please include your phone number to ensure better delivery.
– Click “Next Add-ons”

Step 5a: Add-Ons
1) Your current credit or debit
2) If you do not wish to add add-ons, click here
3) Informations on shipping fees (see Step 1, item 2)
4) Categories:

    – All Categories: all add-ons available to your pledge level are listed here
    – Additional Pledge Level: adding an additional Cthulhu or Dagon pledge, with Stretch Goals (extra shipping included)
    – Exclusive punchboards: individually or bundled, not retailed
    – Mod: punchboard set related to a particular universe, not retailed
    – Promotional punchboard: part of a promotional offer on our site, not retailed
    – Scenario Pack: box containing 6 terrain tiles, 6 punchboards and 1 scenario book. Available as a bundle or individually.
    – Shadow League: shipping cancelling option if shop delivery is chosen.
    – Land pack: a set of terrain tiles

5) Your pledge level
6) Shopping Cart
7) Your credit / debit depending on your pledge level and add-ons selected.
8) Your bank informations to inquire if you exceed your credit.
Precision: The copy number is limited to 2 for each product, except for the additional pledge and promotional punchboard which are limited to 1 per person.

Step 5b: Adding an additional pledge
Please choose an additional pledge based on:
– Pledge level: Dagon or Cthulhu
– Language: French or English
– Location: USA/Canada/Europe or World
Shipping fees are included.

Step 5c: Exclusive punchboards, promotional punchboards
Please select the quantity for each product (1 or 2 copies). There is no additional shipping fee depending on quantity.

Step 5d: Scenario Pack
Please choose Scenario Pack based on:
– Format: Bundle or unit
– Quantity: 1 or 2 copies
– Language: French or English
– Location: USA/Canada/Europe or World
Shipping fees are included.

Step 5: Shadow League
If you chose to be delivered in a store belonging to the Shadow League or in our offices, please select your option based on:
– Location: USA/Canada/Europe or World
– Number of different Scenario Pack: from “No Scenario Pack” (0 Scenario Pack) to ” 4 Scenario Packs”.

/! The Scenario Packs must be different. /!

Example: You are American and you choose to take:
– Carentan Scenario Pack X2
– Pegasus Bridge Scenario Pack X2
– Desert Wrath Scenario Pack X1
You will choose the add-on “Cthulhu Shadow League: cancellation of shipping cost (USA, Canada, Europe)” and you will choose the “3 Scenario Packs (USA, Canada, Europe)” option.

Step 5f: Mods, Terrain Pack
Please select the quantity for this product (1 or 2 copies). There are additional shipping fees depending on quantity.

Step 6: Scenario Pack Language question
– If you have one or more 2 copies Scenario Packs, you will be asked for each Scenario Pack type if you wish to have one in French and the other one in English.
– Click on “Next Question” or “Next: Shipping” if you have answered the last question

Step 7: Shipping
– Enter your delivery address.
– Country: The country must match the country indicated in step 1!
– Click “Next: Review”

Step 8: Review
– Verification of all informations.
– Click I’m Done

You have finished using the backerkit.
You can change at any time the information provided until the period for data collection is over, that is to say the end of September, whether for your shipping information as possible additions of add-ons .
The bank debit will only intervene at the pledge manager closure.

posted by Axel the [25/08/2014]

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4 Comments on “How to use the pledge manager”

  1. avatar 4. becyme said :


    Je n’ai toujours pas reçu le lien pour accéder au pledge manager: est-ce normal?

  2. avatar 3. bonhias said :

    non en fait il ne me l a pas retiré
    comment peut on faire ?


  3. avatar 2. bonhias said :

    j ai l impression qu il a retiré le dagon pledge et mis le chtulhu a la place
    J ei ai pour 89 L pour une livraison dans un magasin
    est ce bien cela ?

  4. avatar 1. bonhias said :

    est il possible de changer de dagon pledge en chtulhu pledge ?
    dans l etape 1 on ne peut pas le transformer

    et dans l etape 5 on peut ajouter le chtlulhu pledge mais on se retrouve avec 2 dagon ?