Customer service improved!

Hello Soldiers!
We are really excited to announce the implementation of our new customer service!

> Discover it here!

#Presentation of the new customer service

As you can see on the Contact page, you just have to click on the category that corresponds to your request to write a ticket:

  • Customer care: for any request for missing or damaged components.
  • Online store: for any request for help with your order.
  • Kickstarter: for any request regarding your pledge (help, delivery, address update or refund).
  • Ideas & Suggestions: for any proposal to improve your beloved publisher.
  • Newsletter: don’t miss our latest news and subscribe now to our newsletter!
  • Associations, game fair or event: for any request to participate in an event.
  • I’m a retailer: you are a game store and want to sell our games ? Right here!
  • i’m an illustrator: to submit your portfolio and maybe collaborate on a future project together.
  • Partnership: for any review request, how to play or other creation of content of our games.

Most of your requests will now be handled by Basile, the pig in charge of our customer service and your orders. He is also present on the forum to exchange with you 😉

#Stay connected!

In addition to the forum, the news of the website and the newsletter, we also communicate on our social media pages with you! Join the conversation by following us:


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posted by Twane33 the [11/12/2020]

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5 Comments on “Customer service improved!”

  1. avatar 5. Stone-horn said :

    I have made an order on January 30 and it hasn’t been dispatched yet. Are there any problems with my order? I have tried to open a ticket but the system was not able to reflect my issue.

  2. avatar 4. Rod54 said :

    What’s the time scale for the kick starter in respect of the new cards?

  3. avatar 3. Twane33 said :

    Hello soldier!
    Thank you for your comment. This is the new Devil Pig, with a customer service that will answer every request from our customers within a week 😉
    The communication is back on track on our social media every week. Regarding the updates for the expansions or P500, please, follow our updates on our latest Kickstarter campaign A Pig Back From Hell (here is the link to the last news in November: We are sharing information about production and delivery there.
    Again, thank you for your support soldier!
    Cheers, Devil Pig Team

  4. avatar 2. geetee123 said :

    This definitely feels like a step in the right direction to address one of the biggest and repeated criticisms of the company: dealing with customers and their issues. I hope this new system will allow you to process issues and build a better reputation for after-sales service. I really like your games and want to see you succeed and I think that this initiative, if it works, will help to improve your relationship with your customers and keep them as customers.

    As a next step, I feel like a regular communication, e.g. monthly, detailing current progress (including, there is none we are waiting on XYZ), would be a welcome addition as well. Especially those of us who are patiently waiting for expansions, P500s, etc and are lacking communication when deadlines slip and slip. When there is no information it tends to leave customers frustrated even more than if you say it is delayed again because of XYZ. At least we have some reason and even if we don’t like it we can appreciate you are trying to do something to get the things we have (pre-)ordered released.

  5. avatar 1. Axe said :

    J’espère vraiment que ce système va être efficace et que le blason des cochons va être redoré à ce niveau. Good job!