The Scouts unveil!

Earlier this week, you discovered the first gameplay videos describing the unit tokens, how to move, how to shoot, and how to perform an assault!

There is more to come! Have a look at the content of the core box (over 3 kg of game elements), but also at the Vanguard Veteran Squad, the Doomskorcha’s Freebooterz, at Zoggrim the Karnager, and last but not least, at the scout squad from the core box, led by Sergeant Telion!

So many things to unveil in the upcoming weeks!


Click on the pictures below if you want to know more about the Heroes System Tactical Scale, already used in our game ranges Heroes of Normandie and Shadows over Normandie!


This public pre-order campaign and its offers are addressed to all players!


posted by Axel the [19/10/2017]

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One Comment on “The Scouts unveil!”

  1. avatar 1. Mulberry said :

    Les blips ça me rappelle des bons moments dans des couloirs étroits…