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Gazettes #6 and #7 preorders are here!

The new Gazettes will be there in a few months!

New rules and a new French commando are approaching!

We make a special offer for the bundle with both Gazettes!


Moral and commandos Kieffer!

Moral is necessary for men to stand firm in the battle, and Gazette #6 brings with it all the new rules to deal with this aspect of the soldiers’ lives, but it also brings the necessary lieutenants to support them in the heart of the battle! Moral rules are already included in the Compendium which will also arrive in a few months.

Among the Free French Forces, the men of the 1er Bataillon de Fusiliers Marins Commandos (1er BFMC), also called Commandos Kieffer, are emblematic! And they are the stars of Gazette #7, which will include 2 punchboards instead of 1! The Casino of Ouistreham takes up space!

Each Gazette will contain both language versions (french and english) in the same product.

The Mines – Devil Pig News #1

The french version is out of stock, we won’t print it again and we have some stock of the punchboard which are remaining. So we decide to sell it at a lower price on our store ! The version with the booklet is always available in english! We will update the game help for the mines in the next weeks, following the updated rules in the Compendium.

Punchboard version: The Mines – Devil Pig News #1

Booklet and punchboard version: Devil Pig News #1

posted by Axel the [16/03/2017]

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4 Comments on “Gazettes #6 and #7 preorders are here!”

  1. avatar 4. lex-talionis said :

    Super contenu, par contre c’est cher les frais de port pour une seule gazette ! :-O

  2. avatar 3. Hyeronius said :

    Heu, j’ai un méga doute, là: Je viens de pré-commander les deux gazettes, mais je viens de me rendre compte que j’avais souscrit à l’abonnement Gazette n°5 à n°8…

    Mon abonnement couvre t’il bien les nouvelles gazettes ? car j’avais cru comprendre que vous aviez revu votre systeme d’abonnement …

    En clair, ai je pré-commandé les deux gazettes pour “rien”, avec le risque de les reçevoir en double?

    Merci pour votre attention.

  3. avatar 2. Axel said :

    Je comprends peut-être mal votre commentaire, mais il les centralise. Toutes les nouvelles règles présentes dans ces Gazettes sont déjà dans le Compendium, il n’y aura donc pas besoin de se référer aux Gazettes pour les nouvelles règles présentes dans celles-ci.

  4. avatar 1. toto said :

    Super, heureusement que le compendium devait centraliser les règles.