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HoBR booklets available for download


Following the sending of pre-orders and the first orders from HoBR, we had feedback on the booklets.

The FR scenario booklets in the base box contain two errors found in all the booklets:
– A misplaced objective in scenario 3,
– Page 25 of the FR booklet in English instead of French.

We have already uploaded the corresponding files. We do not plan to reprint the booklets at this time.


Placeholder HoBR-livret_scenario-p25_en_francais
Download File
      Placeholder ERRATA - HoBR boite de Base - Scénario 3
Download File

We had to deal with some after-sales service returns, fortunately rare at the time of writing these lines, of defective booklets (lack of pages, reversal of pages, English pages instead of French pages, badly cut booklet…). These defects have a real impact on the game because some of the rules are missing in these booklets. For what it concerns, it is most probably a factory production problem, but it is of course up to us to provide the players with answers.

To allow people who have bought these boxes to play as quickly as possible, we have decided to put online the latest version of all the booklets in the Heroes of Black Reach range.

Placeholder Heroes of Black Reach - Core Box - Rules
Download File
     Placeholder Heroes of Black reach - Core Box - Scenarios
Download File

Placeholder Heroes of Black Reach - Ultramarine Reinforcement
Download File
     Placeholder Heroes of Black Reach - Ork Reinforcement
Download File

Within the limits of our stocks of after-sales service equipment, we will exchange defective booklets. If this is not enough, we do not exclude the possibility of reprinting missing booklets. However, this will depend on the number of booklets to reprint and the cost: our current situation requires caution and reason if we are to meet our commitments.

The downloadable files will be updated if errors or missing information are reported to us.

posted by gduprez the [07/12/2018]

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3 Comments on “HoBR booklets available for download”

  1. avatar 3. soulkage said :

    Nevermind! I was so wrapped up in Space Marine glory I didn’t recognize they were Orc grenades 🙂

  2. avatar 2. soulkage said :

    Core English instructions, page 25. Grenades using HoN graphic vice HoB.

  3. avatar 1. bartdevuyst said :

    Sweet! There’s a little mistake in the English Reference sheet in the back.
    ‘Step 4 (Remove Suppressed Markers) is missing.
    Might be an idea to fix that some day in the pdfs…