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[UPDATE 2] Late pledges are opened for Strategic Resupply kickstarter

Hi everybody,


We are opening the pledge manager for the last kickstarter campaign ! It was hard, difficult but it is now !

You can see that the price is upper than on the kickstarter. It’s normal. The people who joined us on the kickstarter campaign benefited of a lower price.

BUT! With these prices you save 88€ compared to retail price!

After you buy a Late pledge, you can go to “Shop” menu and click on “Pledge Manager”. Fill the blanks with your Devil Pig pseudonym and your Devil Pig address and let’s go on the pledge manager.

IMPORTANT ADVISE: read the campaign description, the FAQ (bottom of the kickstarter campaign) and the “How to use the pledge manager”!

Links :

Strategic Resupply kickstarter campaign

How to use the pledge manager (UPDATED)



I add some informations or important remarks in “How to use the pledge manager”

We had some problems with some Late pledges (no more problem at midnight), we will contact personnaly the different persons during the next weeks.

If you have any problems without any answer, don’t touch and send a mail by Kickstarter contact form on our website (click on Contact, left column, then on Kickstarter button).

The reset of your first pledge will be added as soon as possible.

You have to be logged on the website with your Devil Pig account before trying to logged on the pledge manager.

We will ask our webmaster to add a tool who send you the list of what you pledged for.

We will change “kickstarter nickname” by “kickstarter/DPG pseudonym”



We add the file to help you to store your HoN or SoN collection 😉 This file is available too in Download/Heroes or Shadows/Rules/Game helps.

Placeholder HoN-SoN storage system
Download File

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