The more recent news – 19 janvier

Drop Zone

Shipping is over (after some difficulties with the French Postal Agency for European dispatch) for those who preordered it during the private preorders. If you haven’t already received it, it is for soon.

Some of you won one on social networks, here is the winners:

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters had some problems during the dispatch, but it is good now 😉 The last shipping were done now normally! Here is the epilog of this story, download it here (9 terrain tiles, 350 army points):

Download File


Age of Towers and Heroes of Black Reach

The factory gave us answers (at last!) for the production of Age of Towers and Heroes of Black Reach and that after 3weeks of silence. But the news are not good.

All the Age of Towers elements are produced but the assemblying is not finished (except some demos we will show you at the International Game Festival of Cannes.

For Heroes of Black Reach, nothing is produced, except the Drop Zone.

This late is linked to the high number (unexpected) of departure of employees for their home for the Chinese New Year. So, we will have a precise schedule for the Age of Towers end of production after the return of the employees (February 25th).

Despite of that, we can schedule for a dispatch of Age of Towers (kickstarter) and Heroes of Black Reach (private and public preorders) from the hub to you during April. Indeed, in order to not penalize the preorders, we will move the official release of Heroes of Black Reach from May to June. Here is the schedule:

  • April: shipping of preorders of Heroes of Black Reach (our clients and shops who preordered) and shipping of Age of Towers pledges.
  • June: official release of Heroes of Black Reach, available in all shops who will buy it from the distributors.


International Game Festival of Cannes: demos, signing sessions and Olympic Games!

We announced our presence at this event (booth 12.06) from February 23rd to 25th with signing sessions of Alexandre Bonvalot and Olivier Derouetteau (Yann and Clem will be present too). We will organize Olympic Games dedicated to tabletop games too! The contests will be a quick card sleeving and a quick punchboard punching (sorry, I tried to translate the best I can) with prizes!

You will be able to play to the Drop Zone (Heroes of black Reach), Age of Towers, or our other games too! One more surprise will be part of the party!

For the Olympic Games, you must register you on our booth, here is some sessions for each contest:

  • 5 contests of quick punchboard punching: 1 on Friday afternoon, 2 on Saturday afternoon and 2 on Sunday afternoon
  • 3 contests of quick card sleeving: 1 on each afternoon (from Friday to Sunday)

There is one big winner of all over the festival for each contest, the one who made the best score!

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