The Deck Boxes & Sleeves are back from hell!

This kickstarter is an opportunity to reprint our Heroes system sleeves decks that are always out of stock.
It’s also an opportunity to acquire The New Deck box and the FFI sleeves.
If you don’t have them yet and you’ve been dreaming of having them, now is the time!
They are beautiful! They’re hot! They’re devilish!

posted by yann the [04/05/2020]

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3 Comments on “The Deck Boxes & Sleeves are back from hell!”

  1. avatar 3. Nemesis88 said :

    Tres bonne idée. Je prend.

  2. avatar 2. Alex81 said :

    Yes… That’s exactly what I missed… that’s great news

  3. avatar 1. voxer said :