The first issue of the Gazette is coming !

Hi everybody !

The first publication of our Gazette arrives now!

You find in this pdf version 2 scenarii that have for theme the landing and the capture of the crossroads of La Maule held by the dark SS officer Heinrich Von Kampftz !

It’s time to begin the liberation of France !

Link : Gazette #0

As promised, we put in the Download section the errata file ! This version is the version ready to go to print worker. So, don’t print it! Tomorrow, we should be able to upload a printer-friendly file 😉 We only put on this file the erratas we think is necessary for playing.

We add a small team of FFI !

I recall that this issue is digital, but it will be on paper for all those who took the subscription.

Warning! This issue will be the only accessible to everyone! With the #1, only people that took their subscription can have it printed.

Good Read 😉

posted by Axel the [23/06/2014]

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9 Comments on “The first issue of the Gazette is coming !”

  1. avatar 9. lordgob007 said :


    Avons-nous des nouvelles de la gazette?


  2. avatar 8. elfafadu84 said :


    La gazette ne devait elle pas sortir en Septembre ?

  3. avatar 7. CURRAHEE said :

    j’aimerai savoir quand devrions-nous recevoir le numéro 1 de la gazette?

  4. avatar 6. jean-michel MIETTE said :

    étant très impatient de recevoir la gazette, j’aimerai savoir sous quel délai, allons-nous la recevoir?

  5. avatar 5. justdevil said :

    les numéros 0 & 1 doivent être envoyés aux abonnés en septembre, bientôt ? 🙂

  6. avatar 4. CPTBLD said :

    Hello, est il encore possible d’acheter le premier numéro de la gazette version papier, ou j’arrive trop tard? Elle est épuisée?

  7. avatar 3. yann said :

    je met tout ça en forme pour l’impression print and play demain.

  8. avatar 2. Mrzarbiwayne said :

    Genesteal28, les FFI sont des unités qui peuvent s embusquer. Donc le recto, est un point d interrogation.

  9. avatar 1. genesteal28 said :

    Pas de verso pour les nouveaux pions FFI ?