If you’ve already pledged on this Kickstarter,
even for €1, DO NOT late pledge here!

Keep up to date about the opening of the pledge manager
through the Kickstarter updates, most likely in April-May 2018.

Want to learn more about Heroes of Stalingrad, please visit the Kickstarter page:

Campagne Kickstarter


All Late Pledges come with all unlocked stretch goals (so ALL stretch goals).
Once the Pledge Manager goes live, most likely in April-May 2018, you will follow the instructions for joining the pledge manager by the Kickstarter updates.
You will have to be logged and click on “Pledge manager” in “Crowdfunding” menu. Your Late Pledge is automatically linked with your DPG account.

You will be able to upgrade your current Vassili Late Pledge to the Oktïabrskaïa pledge level at the same conditions as on the Kickstarter campaign (110€). There is no surcharge.

On the pledge manager, you will inform us about the language version, your upgrade (from Vassili, the current Late pledge, to the Oktïabrskaïa), your address (postal address, phone number, etc.),  any additional pledges you want to add to your pledge manager.

You can deliver for free in our office: 55 rue de croulebarbe – 75013 PARIS – FRANCE.



If you want several copies of this game, please buy this Late pledge only once, and you will be able to increase your order in your pledge manager later.
You will have to pay the shipping (if necessary) and any added pledge levels, etc.
You can take a look at the “shipping” section on the Kickstarter page to find shipping costs.

BEWARE: as soon as the pledge manager is closed, you won’t be able to modify what you chose! Only your address (except country) can be modified! Any modifications done before the pledge manager closure and after its validation by you will need you validate it again.

Please whitelist email from “”, “” and add “” to your contact list ensure you do not miss this important email.



Please take into account that all pledges that are confirmed AFTER closure of the Pledge manager will be sent from our principal hub at a later date. Due to the required extra handling this will entail a penalty (10€) and supplementary shipping cost.

We regret to inform you we can not deliver at P. O. boxes.

We reserve the right to refrain from shipping to certain countries/areas like Central and South America or Malaysia (alas, lots of parcels gone missing) or to destinations that are a tad “exotic” like Chad or Antarctica. Should you have placed a serious order anyhow from a country deemed too risky for good delivery we shall see to it you are 100% reimbursed.  

Please understand that our only responsibility towards you is to send you the products you have confirmed in the Pledge manager.

If the goods need to be delivered outside the “Friendly Shipping” zone (EU, US, CA and AU) then you are responsible for any import taxes or other fees due to the authorities. You must, of course, provide us with a correct address and phone number and the delivery location must be normally accessible to mail services.

For the delivery at our office (IdF Friendly), you will have 30 days for the pick-up during our opening hours. We will try to be open at least one Saturday for those who cannot come during the opening hours. Often, we will be open the Thursday evening. If you don’t come during these 30 days, we will send your package to the dispatch center and you will have to pay the shipping.


Thank you for your support!

Le Late Pledge est maintenant fermé / Late Pledge is closed now